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Question on 1.4 PVP Patch Note???

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Question on 1.4 PVP Patch Note???

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09.26.2012 , 10:54 AM | #1
I have a question about one of the 1.4 PVP Patch Notes.
This is the Patch Note:
Non-flagged players will no longer be flagged for PvP when a hostile player users beneficial abilities on an NPC the non-flagged player's companion is in combat with.
I am reading this as the PVP player using abilities on the PVE player's NPC Target.
Is that right?

I ask because from my understanding, a lot of the issues with PVE players being Flagged PVP are because of AOE attacks that the PVE Player and their Companion are doing toward the NPC. Basically the PVP player is standing in the AOE attack.

I have heard that the PVP player were able to use abilities on a PVE players NPC target to cause said Player to be Flagged. Such as healing them. But that is just half the issue. The other way is also a problem. I know this as it happened to me a few times and a bunch of others on my server that complain about it. Was that other method of Force Flagging left in place? Or did it also get fixed?

Maybe I am reading it wrong or something, but it sounds like the Force Flagging issue is not completely fixed by the description they give here. That they only fixed one method of Force Flagging and not the other method.
What do you all think?
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