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Getting your names back!

Samiel's Avatar

09.25.2012 , 09:27 AM | #1
I've had a bit of a think, and I have a couple of alts that I rarely play who got transfered over with the recent merges. As I was lucky and pretty much got to keep what I wanted, I'd like to offer up these names:


I know for a fact I've been given Narkissos over someone else, as when I voluntarily transfered to The Progenitor from Trask Ulgo I couldn't create a placeholder for him. So the basic idea is if anyone wants either of those names let me know and we can arrange a time for me to release them. I don't want any credits or favors for this, as this whole name change thing has understandably dissappointed a lot of people, and I don't believe in profiting from the situation. I urge everyone else who has been lucky to have a good think and post any names they are willing to let go as a goodwill gesture.
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