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Stop messing me around bioware! (sorry, i'm feeling frustrated)

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Stop messing me around bioware! (sorry, i'm feeling frustrated)

RaglanvonDobeln's Avatar

09.24.2012 , 09:53 AM | #1
Right, a short explanation of myself, firstly this is my first and only mmo i have ever played. Was a little disappointed at the depth of the characters compared to say kotor, but don't dislike the game. I'll happily admit, i'm not really a fan of the whole mmo concept, but hey, i'm playing, and i'm paying to do so.

Now, my issue. As i said, i don't really go in for the whole multiple people part of the game, so when earlier on in the year you locked many of the servers, i got stuck on a server i hated, The Progenitor. There was two main reasons for this. Firstly the people weren't very nice. I'm not big on flashpoints, but i do play them. Only on the Progenitor i kept getting kicked from groups cause i wasn't 'good' enough (i had a sourcerer that was specked with some points in serveral different trees, fun for solo play which is my main area of the game) After i'd been kicked for the fourth time or so, i gave up with people and tried to play it solo. Something i found almost impossible, i'd try to walk though an area, only to find all the spawns had already been defeated because of the high populations. So i'd wait until they respawned only to have someone else come along and kill most of the groups while i was fighting the one group. Oh look, i get to wait again. I can't level up otherways cause the story game is how i want to play, and i can't level up in planets, cause i never get a chance.

Fine, okay, i can accept that. Been messed around, but you have to do what most people want, i understand. So i deleted my level 29 sourcerer and start a new character on drogman pleasure barge, its a west coast server (i'm british) and lightly populated at the times i play, but a stable server that i can play on.

Great you might say, i'm happy (finally) and can play the game i'm paying for as i want to. Only no, i get back from holiday today, and think 'i'll play some swtor' to find out that you have all decided that messing everyone around the first time wasn't enough. Drogman pleasure barge no longer exists, i get a very nice message telling me i'm stuck on this new server (harbringer) and thats it.

Okay, so a west coast server for another west coast server. surely the same that i had with drogman will apply here, so i log on, and play it for about an hour (i'm now level 28 with a bounty hunter) but get nothing except lag and poor server connections. At one point i go red and narrowly miss getting booted from the server, and most of the time i can assume that the screen will jump around and so forth, making it rather hard to play.

But wait, oh dear, look at that, i'm stuck on the damn server, cause there are no server transfers (except from where everything was helpful and worked well to one where it doesn't) God only knows what it would be like if i tried playing while the west coast of america was online.

Nerfherd's Avatar

09.24.2012 , 06:27 PM | #2
Well really the only good news for you is that I am on the West Coast, on a West coast server, on a well specced PC, with a good cable connection, and I get terrible lag after the latest patch. I am a healer and my team frequently wipes because I am frozen for 5-10 seconds.

So, don't feel too hard done by, it sucks all round. Not really good news is it?