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Death By Snu Snu Recruiting Republic Players PVP/PVE

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Death By Snu Snu Recruiting Republic Players PVP/PVE

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09.19.2012 , 10:23 PM | #1
Here are the general guidelines dont let the length intimidate you I narrowed it down as well as I could.
The TLDR version is play, have fun, relax, dont be a jerk, give the Republic some more juice. And of course- Snu Snu the Galaxy

CONTACT BC-Sypher, BC-Scruffy, Rubes, Thereisnospoon, ingame for invite. If offline, send a mail to BC-Sypher and Ill get back to you

BC-Death By Snu Snu (Formally Death By Snu SNu( Bondar Crystal)

We've been around since Prelaunch, we are fairly small right now, but that's what this thread is for right?
Any playstyle welcome, of course the more you can play the better.
Looking to build a solid Ranked WZ team or two, preferably geared so we arent just farming
Also building toward endgame PVE, perfect for anyone that wants to try but doesnt want to be chewed out for having a life and cant follow a concrete raid schedule.

Is This Guild For You?
This is a Republic Guild
The ideal member of DBSS is friendly and easy going, calm and level headed, intelligent person phew A DBSS member would be happy to assist a new player, and gives without thought of reward. Always happy to give to new members any advantage that can be afforded. DBSS feels a duty to defend allies. DBSS has an overwhelming urge to travel great distance to put an end to Sith griefing low level zones or camping in general
DBSS recognizes the following practices are carried out by Sith players (mainly) ad nauseam but does not feel the need to stoop to it.
DBSS finds it cowardly and pathetic to engage in camping, griefing, attacking anyone in the middle of a NPC fight, attacking lowbies, and ganging up on anyone unprovoked. Pvp when you will, but generally we only attack 50's while questing if provoked, or to defend an ally, and Never attack a lowbie unless fulfilling one of the former.

Our Goals: To Snu Snu the Galaxy
We want to create a stress-free, nerdrage-free, positive environment. Casual to Hardcore; Star Wars impaired to intense Star Wars love bordering on the inappropriate. All are welcome. DBSS is chill and friendly. Some of us may really get into Star Wars, You won't be chastised for causing a wipe, or missing a raid

Raids/ Warzones/ Flashpoints:
These are to be fun first and foremost. We want the loot, and the wins of course; therefore, there will be focus and intent, but not in so far as to make it a chore or a grind. If we wipe, try again and try harder.

The [Hard]core members of the guild will Raid and partake in Warzones. Those in the outer orbit will be the casual players, free to assist if they wish. Keep in mind because of the nature of the guild "endgame" may not always be a priority for everyone, every week and may shift to the casual to take a break and do some exploration, extra warzones etc.
**But don't let that discourage you, it is simply the nature of the beast.

While not out Causing Death via Snu Snu There are things to remember:

- Representing the Guild: When you play, you are one of the faces of DBSS. Please keep other people’s feelings in mind and behave appropriately. It’s general decency and it shows people DBSS are a band of “Cool Cats”
- Be Kind Please Rewind: Remember video cassette? Nevermind. Be respectful of all players especially fellow guild members. Help each other out, be polite. I’m not saying you should run around giving everyone hugs & flowers. Just have decency.
- No Nerdrage: This is a game. Games are fun; you will lose from time to time, but don't bring people down because of it. Nobody wants to play with “Captain Bring Down”
Basically we want to do everything and welcome you along for the ride!
Perhaps you can only play a few nights a week, perhaps you play most nights; whatever works for you.
Choose your poison, pop on some tunes, and just be in Star Wars.
- Have Fun: Let your Freak Flag Fly
For more info check out

CONTACT BC-Sypher, BC-Scruffy, Rubes, Thereisnospoon, ingame for invite. If offline, send a mail to BC-Sypher and Ill get back to you

Special Thanks for playing Republic : Many of us grinded war hero from the start with maybe 3 matches a day, we didnt get to zerg win, we didnt get to trade kills, we didnt get to play ourselves for easy comms. Because of this we were always geared a step behind. Even after mergers we are still outnumbered 3:1 or worse. It's fun to be "bad" I get it. Many people like to go with the bigger side, blend in to ride the wave I Get it!
Our wins mattered We were forged in fire of battle. I truly believe (in general) this has bred a stronger Republic player, and actually let the majority of the playerbase turn to mush with buttonmashing and relying on zergs. Many ex Sith agree. So with that in mind lets not be discouraged by being outnumbered and let us give the Republic our skills.
Death By Snu Snu- The Spirit is Willing But The Flesh is Spongy and Bruised

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09.21.2012 , 11:46 PM | #2
Death By Snu Snu- The Spirit is Willing But The Flesh is Spongy and Bruised