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[REPUBLIC] The Covenant of Tython

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09.20.2012 , 02:00 PM | #1
The Covenant of Tython


The Covenant of Tython is a roleplay (RP) guild for the released game, STAR WARS: THE OLD REPUBLIC. We are an international role-playing guild, devoted to restoring peace throughout the galaxy, as defenders of the weak and innocent. In our search for wisdom, we strive to seek alternative ways to overcoming the limits of standard logical thinking to end the oppressive rule of the sith empire. On the other hand, our Imperial guild, The Sovereign Elite may stand in the way of that and may just be the deciding factor in who will stand and who will fall. Hard to see the future it is. We can be found at .....


Founded: March 22, 2011
Alignment: Galactic Republic
  • Role-play (RP)
  • Questing
  • Player vs. Environment (PvE)
  • Player vs. Player (PvP)
  • Social
  • Crafting
  • Starfighter
  • Warzones
  • End Game Content (Operations/Raids)
Server: RP, US EST (The EBON HAWK server, from 2011 - 2017)
Server: RP, US EST (The STAR FORGE server, from 2017 - 2022)
Communication: Guild Website & Discord Server
Time Zone: International guild on US EST server
  • Jedi Consulars
  • Jedi Knights
  • Smugglers
  • Troopers
Recruitment for THE SOVEREIGN ELITE:
  • Bounty Hunters
  • Imperial Agents
  • Sith Inquisitors
  • Sith Warriors
Mature & Respectable


What is The Covenant of Tython?
The Covenant of Tython (CoT) is a pre-launch guild for the Bioware title, Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR). It has a light to heavy Role-play (RP) atmosphere and will focus on questing, and mostly Player vs. Environment (PvE) and some Player vs. Player (PvP) in-game. However, a dedication to our guild(s) are what is required for membership. Our host server in-game selected by BIOWARE was The EBON HAWK, from December 2011 - November 2017. Due to server merges, BIOWARE has moved us over to THE STAR FORGE server.

What other Features does the Covenant of Tython Provide?
The Covenant of Tython maintains a Discord client for text based, as well as voice communication chat channels, which can be accessed ingame or out, while you are on your computer or on your smartphone. The guild's members also maintain presences on other popular massively multiplayer role-playing games such as Star Wars Galaxies (SWG), World of Warcraft (WoW), and Lord of the Rings Online (LotRO).Many of the members have also played the Knights of the Old Republic I & II, and also keep up with all that is canon, (as much as possible),with the movies, comics, novels, etc. so that a true role-playing experience can be fully enjoyed by all the members.

What does it mean when someone is called a “Role-player”?
This means that we choose to act as our in-game personas more than we choose to act as individuals sitting at keyboards. The reason is so that we can more fully immerse ourselves in the Star Wars universe and better enjoy our time spent here by “living the fantasy” as opposed to simply playing a computer game. This philosophy affects everything from our behavior, language, and tone when interacting with one another in the guild to dealing with other guilds . Besides, who’s never dreamed of being a lightsaber-wielding Jedi knight battling a powerful foe, a diplomatic Jedi consular mediating issues between 2 or more groups, an indomitable trooper doing maneuvers, or a smuggler running a blockade to make a spice run ???

How do you learn to roleplay?
Star Wars has been around for over 41 years now and as many know, as we watched the movies, read the comics and novels, we have seen our favorite characters and our worst enemies, what they were and what they stood for. In the process of taking in all the media of Star Wars, we have all dreamed about ourselves in those same circumstances and how we would do things differently. Being a roleplayer in a massively multiplayer online game, you now have the chance to be who you want. Of course, you cant be the same person in the stories, but you can be you. When you create your character, create a name that defines you and who you are. Make sure it is a legitimate and a mature name. Use your imagination and your computer if needed, to generate a name for yourself. Then create a believeable biography to put yourself in the appropriate story timeline of the game. Research the timeline carefully and any facts that draw into your biography. But BEWARE... Many heavy roleplayers will seek out your biography and call you out on it, if it is not correct, or as some call it "canon"...Also...Some roleplayers draw on real life incidents to create their roleplaying persona, and when real life is transferred to their roleplaying persona, it makes for a real enjoyable chain of events.There are many different types of roleplayers out there...from those that can roleplay on a moments notice to those that need to read up on the storyline arc....Dont be worried about lacking in the roleplay experience, we all started from scratch and learn over time, and still learning as we go...


What Type of Person Is The Covenant of Tython Seeking to Recruit?
We, The Covenant of Tython, are seeking those who are dedicated, mature, and willing to exclusively support our guild(s). We currently host 2 guilds, our original Republic guild, as well as our Empire guild. We do not wish to limit potential recruits before the actual application process is complete, there is a major requirement that must be met: maturity. This is a defining characteristics that all members must possess as drama is not and will not be tolerated.

The Covenant of Tython is an equal opportunity guild.

We do NOT discriminate based on:
  • Beliefs and /or Religion (We have Christians and other sects)
  • Political Affiliations (we have both a REPUBLIC & EMPIRE guild.)
  • Time Zones (We are an INTERNATIONAL guild)
  • Race
  • Origin
  • Cultures
  • Age
  • Disability
  • Gender (We have males & females)
  • Background
  • Social Class
  • Sexual Orientations (LGBT-friendly)
  • Gameplay Experience
  • Roleplay Experience
  • Players using Subscription, Preferred, or Free to Play accounts

Please see our website and our social networking sites (listed below) for more information.
Fill out all information for the application on our website so we can get some background.
Make sure your forum name and your character name is mature and acceptable.
Be aware that we cannot necessarily accept your application the moment you post it..
Please allow us up to 48 hours to process applications.

Are There any Other Requirements for Membership?
Members are to be of good character. A deep dedication to continuous learning, integrity, maturity, humility, and loyalty is desired for membership. We wish to have only the finest gentlemen and ladies who embody respect and a sincere willingness to role-play as upstanding defenders of the Galactic Republic. We believe hard work, contributions to the guild and the greater good, maturity, selflessness, and activity should be rewarded. We strive to eliminate Republic scum, as well as Imperial scum - all depending on what faction guild you are on at the time.


General Requirements:
We have a few policies that must be followed. These policies contain Membership, Activity, Personal Codes of Conduct, Chat, and Forum Policies. A few words that can easily sum up these guidelines are: maturity & respect...
TWO (2) very important words every member of our guild(s) should know & remember...

To explain this...we all have a life outside of gaming, real life take precedence. No matter how much we would love to have each & everyone in game, in vent, and on the forums at every moment of the day, it is not possible. Take care of yourself outside of the game first-that way, when you can log in, you can devote yourself 100%. If you plan on being away or out of the game for a while, feel free to notify us, so we know of your absence or maybe when you may return. Every member is a valuable asset to the guild. But, while you are IN or ONLINE, we want all members to stay truely loyal to our guild(s), and yourself especially.

Advice for Membership:
As a part of your experience, it is desired you be aware of the following expectations:
Maturity - We desire our members to be dignified and respectful to all others and to themselves.
Fun - Just because we have rules, doesn't mean you can't have fun. Fun is encouraged and its why we're here!
Respect the Chain of Command, as well as respect each other- We also want our members to obey and follow orders conveyed by the leadership, as well as respect each other, as well as yourself.

We understand competition, egos, and emotions can rule over us at times, whether in PvE or PvP scenarios, ...but as a guild, we will NOT tolerate any members threatening, harassing, punishing, or abusing others through verbal, mental, or emotional means, or setting unreasonable restrictions or demands on one another.

* Forum posts and all forms of chat must be clean and mature. No Profanity, and all subject matter must be under the PG-13 rating.
* Public forum discussion will remain SWTOR related, all topics need to be about the game. ALL topics game related & ANY other topics non-game related must be put in the private forums, and properly titled.
* Although we do not require consistent forum activity, we do want an ACTIVE guild, not a large list of names. So we desire everyone to post or reply when they can.
* There is a ZERO TOLERANCE rule for any and ALL kinds of discrimination, as stated above.
* And of course, one of our MAJOR rules, NO DRAMA ALLOWED. If you do not understand what "drama" is within a MMORPG game then i will gladly explain it through a message. Those of you who DO know what it is also know how destructive it is. There is a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for people who start drama. So please keep it friendly, keep it mature and mostly, just have fun.

* We desire every member to participate in any & all website & forum usage.
* We desire every member to participate in guild chat & discord usage. When questing or battling a foe, Discord comes in very handy. The use of a client can NOT be strictly required due to some people may not have the proper equipment or setup, but if you do, please join in. We request everyone to have at least speakers or headphones to listen in, microphone is optional.
* We do not have mandatory play sessions, but will host events on an event calendar. All members that sign up for events will be required to follow through to attend meetings, events, etc. Scheduled play sessions will be mandatory, for meetings and such to discuss issues. Dates and times of any meetings will be agreed by members, and posted.

We are a family-friendly guild. As such, we ask that all chat remain PG-13 Rated. This means, no swearing or inappropriate language. If something is questionable, err on the side of caution out of respect for other players, as well as respect for yourself .If you see someone using excessive inappropriate language/humor in a public channel that you find offensive, please remember that while we are asking them to be considerate to you, we also ask that you be considerate to them. People will slip up and get carried away. Do not jump down their throats. Politely ask them to scale back the conversation. If they ignore a polite request, or become confrontational, stop, and approach an officer. But ultimately, allow us to handle it. We feel that if members attempt to police each other, it only leads to conflict, “choosing sides” and ultimately the type of drama that we’re all seeking to avoid.

We have a Discord client server. The discord is text-based for the general public, but once in, a person can be approved for verbal chat. This is so we can keep everything protected to avoid people accidentally joining the client. We understand jokes and humor can really ease some stress, and as long as everything remains respectful and civil on a personal level, without the need for trash talk. However, hate speech will not be tolerated regardless of where it is. Drama, trolling, insulting other people or just being a jerk in general will get you booted out. We’re all trying to enjoy the game, and the last thing we want to do is log on and deal with squabbling and drama. Chat in client is so we can be more sociable. Discord is set up for multiple channels from a few text-based channels, like GENERAL (is open to PUBLIC), GUILD chat, OFFICER chat, and SPOILER chat. Our Discord client also has verbal chat channels for the guild(s) as well as separate channels if we need to allow some verbal channels open to public for use in roleplay scenarios or open raids that are NOT guild related with the exception that the client may be used for outside activities. Those include GENERAL chat, ALLIANCE & ROLEPLAY chat, Flashpoint P.U.G. chat, and Operation P.U.G. chat. The Guild(s) each have their own verbal chat channels from COMMUNITY chat, FLASHPOINT chat, OPERATIONS chat, ROLEPLAY chat, and WARZONE chat.

Raiding is never mandatory and you are not required to participate in any of them to be a part of the guild. If you do sign up for a raid, we will expect you to show up on time. Please avoid signing up if you are not committed to attending. We understand that real-life happens, and sometimes you won’t be able to show up for a raid you wanted to go to. That’s fine. If at all possible, please send an in-game mail to the raid leader alerting them that you won’t be able to make it. If you are not online within an allotted time before the scheduled raid start time, you may lose your spot.

Loot in raids will be awarded to Mainspec (the spec you are in the raid as) before Offspec, with armor proficiency priority. Ultimately specific loot rules and final decisions fall to the current raid leader, and/or the decisions decided on by the group prior to entering. We do NOT condone ninja-looting, stealing other people's loot and/or mission rewards, or area chests.

A raid team is a group of people that run together on a regular basis, led by a Raid Team Leader. We feel that running with the same people week to week forms a stronger bond between guild members, and allows every raider to learn the strengths and weaknesses of his or her raid team, which makes progressing through content a far smoother and enjoyable process than learning fights anew each week with a different group of people. Anyone in the guild is welcome to try and start up their own raid team. It is recommended that you post on our forums about your proposed raid team (starting level of difficulty, schedule, etc), as well as ask an officer or team leader to schedule a raid for you on the calendar. Once you’ve successfully lead 3-4 raids, your team will be officially recognized, and the person leading will be officially promoted to a team leader position.

Like raiding, participation in PvP is not mandatory to join , but will be available as an option for those who wish to participate. PvP times will be scheduled very much the same as raiding times. We do NOT condone ganking or corpse camping.

Another option in game is CRAFTING , which will be available as an option to anyone that desires to craft. We will be hosting a special place in the forums for crafters to craft items, as well as a place to sell those items.

All items, materials, and credits put in or donated to either of the guild banks is for the exclusive use of the guild, and its members in question.

If you know you will be away from the game for a determined period of time, please leave a message on our website forums, labeled Leave of Absences. We fully respect and understand our members do have lives, families, with jobs and school to deal with.

We are a role playing guild, we ask that you respect the other players that role play. Every member has a different style and/or a different level of roleplay knowledge or lore. We ask that no one "outs" another in spatial or public chat, but tells the person in a private tell if someone's lore is incorrect or misleading. Remember, we are here to help one another. Roleplay will consist of actions (emotes) and spatial chat only, unless otherwise specified.

We are currently recruiting all classes, within the Republic ranks. While some people propose to pick a class to what a guild needs, we propose you pick the profession class (or classes) you are interested in. There is no use in picking a class you don't like or don't want to play.

We understand that SWTOR is a particularly story driven game, with each class having its own storyline, and many people are going to want to play alts. That's perfectly fine.

Interested in joining THE COVENANT OF TYTHON ? Have any questions? Feel free to speak to one of our officers or team leaders in game or on our website, make a post in the forums, or send us a message on our website in the "CONTACT US" area.

Interested in joining THE SOVEREIGN ELITE ? Have any questions? Feel free to speak to one of our officers or team leaders in game or on our website, make a post in the forums, or send us a message on our website in the "CONTACT US" area.

We have members in the US (PST,MTN, CST, & EST time zones),Canada, England, Denmark, etc., with more and more people checking us out all across the globe.


We, the Covenant of Tython, can be found at the following sites:

The Guild Recruitment Thread @
The Guild Website @
The Guild Wiki @ http://www.thecovenantoftython.wikia...of_Tython_Wiki

We, The Covenant of Tython, can also be followed at the following sites:

Facebook @!/groups/227687383942294/
Twitter @!/JediCounsular
Twitter @!/Covenant_Tython
Youtube @
The Ebon Hawk server 2011 - 2017 * The Star Forge server 2017 - 2022

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04.14.2013 , 10:33 AM | #2
We just celebrated our 2nd anniversary as a guild, and still going strong and growing. We are always recuiting more and accept all republic classes. We now have a Sith guild we have partnered with, to invite members' alternate toons in. We accept people regardless of their account status, so whether you are a subscriber, free-2-play, or preferred member, you are welcome here. A good majority of us came from SWG (Star Wars Galaxies), while others have either roleplayed with us, or found us through the I.G.Q. (Ideal Guild Quiz).
To take the I.G.Q., go to .

For more information, or to inquire about the guild, please see the signature below.

May The Force Be With You (M.T.F.B.W.Y.)
The Ebon Hawk server 2011 - 2017 * The Star Forge server 2017 - 2022