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looking for guild

Saxrithium's Avatar

09.20.2012 , 01:08 AM | #1
Rolled on the server two Weeks ago after resubbing, played in beta from September to launch, but unsubbed in January for personal reasons...came back and obviously home server was dead along with that bastion is my new home now. I have a 33 Sentinel that I'm trying to work to the top as well asa couple lowbie alts.
I am looking for a semi casual republic guild, which is active in both pvp and pve. Also helping quest is a plus, soloing the game is not as fun, and occasional world pvp focus is another plus. However what I'm not really looking for is a good that commits you to raids and such, hense the casual part. I'm all for helping and participating, just I dont want the hardcore you have to do every raid attitude.

Anyways my main is Fuuka, just shoot me a whisper, let me know a little about your guild, and well be good! Just not a fan of random invites that's why I say that lol ;P thanks and hope to gain some new in game friends!!

corvuscorvus's Avatar

09.20.2012 , 05:51 AM | #2
If you've not found a new guild home already, please give <The Incredibles> a look; we might be the right fit for you. You can contact myself (Snarl), Toughnut or Laohastwoguns ingame, and we'll look for you as well. Also, give our Galaxy of Guilds article a read at
Major Snarl, Commando Trooper, ID# BR549-DNOB07, reporting for duty SIR!! <The Incredibles> The Bastion-US

maherST's Avatar

02.09.2016 , 02:33 PM | #3
we are the Crimson Blades and willing to assist at all missions. we are new in the server and also trying to bring Bastion Server back to life.
there are only few players in that server but i believe its time to bring back BAstion its glory.
but to do that we need help and an alliance.
join our guild for its PVE/PVP/Friendly social guild.
and if you have friends in the other server? invie them over to bastion to bring out more events.
sorry for being too formal. but please do join our guild if your still looking for one. were on the rep side.