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Dark Evolution is Rebuilding and Recruiting <Empire>

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Dark Evolution is Rebuilding and Recruiting <Empire>

Dr-Gaius's Avatar

09.18.2012 , 03:59 PM | #1

We are a growing guild that started on Helm of Graush as has maintained a core group! We've begun expanding our ranks going from around 10 active members to over 50 now! We have all levels of members from people leveling their 1st toon, to the people with multiple geared 50's!

We are a gaming community that started in 2006 in the Matrix Online and have been casually been playing other games together. Our forums are - Stop By!

We have Vent, Guild Bank, Crafters, Forums, Raiders, Casual Players, Ex wow raid leaders, and are pretty fun group of people to chill with!

We do not massively over recruit in game, so please feel free to send an ingame email to Drbaltar , Archbishop or Casiya for an invite!