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Hardmode FP/OP gear recommendations

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09.17.2012 , 04:50 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Leovinus View Post
They were being too picky. They were likely one of these groups that just wanted to waltz through the place with no difficulty. Unfortunately, you'll probably see a lot of this there. Really that place is designed mainly for people in Columi, since the final boss drops a Rakata CP (and the general feeling is that the only point of a FP is the stuff off the last boss, as ridiculous as that actually sounds to me).
They were most defiantly being way too picky. I mean, whats the point on running a HM LI in full Rakata if you already have gear that supersedes it - getting the BH coms for the weekly.

Short answer:
Any HM FP with the exception of HM LI: recruit
HM LI /w full group which knows mechanics and well coordinated: Tionese
HM LI /w pug: Columi or better
Ops: see posts above as they hit most of it.

Just to throw players off that i pug with, i will run HM LI with my Tionese set with the 61 mods inside. I've had a couple groups say that i wasn't geared enough because i was using gear with a Tionese 'tag' associated with my gear even though i had the BH/Rakata mods swapped into them.
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09.17.2012 , 04:58 AM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by Toogeloo View Post
I would actually rank Battle for Ilum as the easiest Flashpoint, but that is only because you can skip SO MUCH on it. If you have a stealther, you literally only need to pull 6 Trash Packs, 2 Mini-bosses, and 2 Regular Bosses in the entire zone, and you can skip the hardest boss completely. Without a Stealther, all you add on is about 4 more trash pulls. That's more advanced stuff though.
I doubt you can skip more bosses in that one comparing to Taral V
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09.17.2012 , 05:49 AM | #13
I find it useful (if you want to skip hardcore daily grinding) to spare lots of pvp commendations, and grab 2-3-4 battlemaster pieces in like 2 days (I did quite a lot of pvp and was able to get BM legs, chest and mainhand right after I dinged). This also gives you a nice set bonus. Then again from 47 you can run D7 and other 47-50 normal flashpoints, get some purple gear that drops there with 50-51 rating purple armoring and mods. Once you dinged 50 get the recruit token, sell it, buy some recruit items like relic and offhand. Get a guildie craft you lvl 49 purple implants/ears (or make it yourself if you can), get your level 50 matrix cube, and you are good to go for easier HM flashpoints and story mode operations. In the meanwhile do some dailies so eventually you'll have enough commendations to buy some nice implants/relics from that. It's much more fun than grinding for the ~same or worse gear for 2 weeks with dailies. Just as a comparison, from dailies I believe you get 51 purples, while BM is 56- even though it's pvp gear, you can swtich the mods later on. And don't forget to augment your stuff if you have the credits, it also helps a lot.

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09.17.2012 , 07:06 AM | #14
Yeah False Emperor and Battle for Ilum are really easy, as someone said Battle for Ilum you can actually skip a lot on, I remember 2 manning those instances with companions only a few days after dinging 50 (although False Emperor for the first time was really tough cause we get scratching our heads at how to kill him before realising you have to knock him down, and we had to get some guildies to get a full group to actually kill him, but then after a rise in gear it got to the point where we could knock out so much dps that we could ignore that mechanic entirely). But yeah everyone plays at their own comfort level, but I guess you shouldn't struggle with those two.

Despite what some people will tell you Esseles isn't actually that bad, yeah the second boss can be a pain if it''s your first time doing it, but the rest is really easy.

Directive 7 was one I always hated, it always required paying attention as a healer and was one of the only Flashpoints I ever found myself having to concentrate in. I can't remember the name of the guy but the boss where you have to stack either side of him, and the adds come out etc, think his name was bulwark? But ye that fight did have it's moments, especially when doing it for the first time. I think the last boss in that place is called Mentor or something, again not really that difficult if you do it with a group who's done it before, just can be tricky as a healer when you're on the move almost all the time and people are taking damage that they shouldn't be.

Other than those, the rest of the dungeons are pretty middle of the road (I haven't done the really new flashpoints so can't comment on them), and most can be done with the odd wipe in a full group of people with freshly dinged 50 gear, although some will require either a bit more patience, or a bit more gear!

Hope this helps!