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Bug Report

Warhaven's Avatar

12.19.2011 , 10:00 PM | #1
Reported this during the mid- and late-betas several times after each client update and during early pre-launch, but never got a response and the bug was still present up until this evening (will likely still there in about an hour, pacific time). So, here it is again:

1. Gathing, crafting, and mission skills are preiodically removed from the left or right action bar.

2. If you open a skill window that contains missions via clicking on its icon in your action bar, then click on a separate skill to change your missions selections, the list of available missions doesn't refresh. For example, if you open your Gathering window to view various missions, then click on the icon to view Investigation missions, it will still list Gathering missions even though the window is labled Investigation.