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Merge/Transfers to Dalborra (Oceanic Servers)

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Merge/Transfers to Dalborra (Oceanic Servers)

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09.13.2012 , 09:36 AM | #1
Some background information: My character Keahi, leads Visz Alliance.

So tonight, we had 50 PvP. We had around 7-9 games. This is the most games I've had in total over the week; people don't queue much anymore -- for whatever reason. For the longest while, we've had this issue where PvP only happens at a certain time of the day/night; but at the current state of the game it is almost to completely stagnant. The guild I lead doesn't keep itself to just PvP -- we do PvE as well and we're proud to say we've conquered all the PvE content available. And for a few weeks, what keeps us going is the common gathering to do Operations and world bosses... and even that's been getting old. What little morale it does raise when we do our operations is completely undermined each time we have "scheduled" maintenance, it conflicts with our raid times. When we changed the day we usually do our raid, THEN the maintenance occurred and conflicted with that. It's tiring. We're not able to play the game... and even when we do, it's the same thing over and over. What we usually do to buffer our boredom is PvP -- we play all aspects of this game and explore it because we loved it. Loved being the operative word. Now... we can't event play this game. PvE, PvP... we can't transfer. There's no cross-server queue.

We keep hoping that a server merge will rejuvenate for us because it's unfathomable that we're... essentially, the only ones around doing any end-game content on the server. The amount of other guilds outside of ours that have even attempted the same content can't be counted beyond 1 or 2. We don't have enough for Nightmare Pilgrim most weeks and when we do, a night like this where maintenance comes on and blows our plans out of the water.Last night, one of our regulars has expressed their intenions of leaving the game... someone who's stuck it out with us for months. The friends we've made who've left during the past? Let me paint a picture -- our guild is all that's left of many guilds -- we've been merged from 3-4 guilds that, at their time were large. Many of their members left -- to reroll or given up on this game out of frustration. Morale is dropping.

I am not alone in feeling this way. I have just asked my guild their honest opinions... and the consensus is the same.... and I'm certain that the other dedicated guilds on this server must feel the same way.

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09.13.2012 , 09:41 AM | #2
I completely agree with this, the population is waaay to small and when pvp does happen its just the same people on both sides over and over again, there is no *********** diversity or any thing different that happens. Just do the merge, you have shown as its possible with the US servers. Just do the same here.

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09.13.2012 , 09:58 AM | #3
A lot of the problems have to do with a lack of population. It means that we are not playing the game as it has been designed. There is no progression to ranked warzones, instead it's an endless grind for gear, and no competitive teams can exist, because organising means changing the lineups every time, to get a fairer game and prevent rage quits. It puts pressure on a small number of loyal server instigators to organise any progressive lvl 50 gameplay at all, which can suck for them. There should be options.

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09.13.2012 , 10:09 AM | #4
I'm not a PvPer on Gav, but I am into PvE content in a big way, regularly running ops as part of an alliance of guilds. Part of what the alliance does is help new players gear up and teach them the ropes so to speak, every Friday and Weds there are SM ops runs, Saturday is HM runs and SM EC. The sad thing is a lot of these runs we end up with maybe 2 new people along.. and have to fill out the ranks with vets, not because of no interest but simply lack of people. If it wasn't for some of us having multiple characters to contribute to these runs and fill any missing roles theres some nights they wouldn't go at all.

As for progression content.. theres just too few of us, getting people for Pilgrim sometimes takes longer than actually fighting him. And we're not just doing it as 1 guild, but several combining members.. if several guilds can't pull this off then surely that says our regular player base is way too low.

Then theres regular HM FP's.. group finder hardly ever pops, we search the server for people to get a group together and again a lot of us play multiple roles just to get them done. And as for GF sub 50, I've had it up from 10 saturday morning till 11pm that night and had 1 group that disbanded as soon as it formed. Compare that to playing on a US server.. I have a low level character on one where as soon as you hit that que button it pops.

We need a merger, and a cross server pvp group finder for our pvp orientated guys.

And as a side note, I've posted about this so many times before in these forums, do something about emergency maintenance, why not move it till 7am US for emergency maintenance so us Aussies don't end up losing some of our main raid nights.
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09.13.2012 , 10:25 AM | #5
Well I originally transferred to Gav Daragon after starting out on a now defunct US server. I took advantage of the free transfers to oceanic realms because timezones meant I was playing at the quietest times on my old server. I could never get groups for group content which stunted my progression in the game. It took me a while to settle in and feel at home on Gav Daragon but now we've got a good community that I enjoy being a part of. I'm a leader of one of the casual / levelling guilds on the server (Academy Exemplar) and we have some good people. Just not enough of them.

I agree with everything the others have said. As much as it would pain me to leave yet another server where I've felt at home we really don't have enough people. I don't pvp as much as I used to so that pvp problem doesn't hurt me much but it does in PVE. Our guild's members have seen a fair bit of endgame content but only because us and other guilds have united with Visz Alliance. There simply aren't enough players on our server to get content done without guilds combining. The new group finder added in patch 1.3 if a great tool but is usefulness is severely limited on a server like ours. When I play at peak time and have to wait an hour for a random hard mode flashpoint without success - even when I'm playing a tank or a healer - then you know there's a problem. I've never once had an op come up with the random group finder and almost never had anything pre level 50 come up.

The server is dying and as long as small servers are allowed to dwindle - people will quit playing and the whole game's player base will dwindle. The server I used to be on have now merged with another server and they're thriving. I think Gav Daragon needs the same to keep our comminity alive and to keep good people from leaving the game. The only other option I can think of is to allow pvp and group finder to go cross server. As a long time former world of warcraft player I know that has it's downsides. I also know that people on busier servers who have no need for it don't want it. For small servers like ours though, it's either cross realm groups, server move or server dies a slow death.
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09.13.2012 , 10:28 AM | #6
I assist in running the pvp efforts of a guild also. & it is so amazingly hard to organise anything when there is maintenance at the drop of a hat. On an off scheduled day as well! not to mention the fact that there could only be 6 people queuing for 50s pvp on the ENTIRE SERVER.

I'm getting sick of not being able to do end game pvp or HMFPs due to there not being a healer. Idc what gets done about this but something needs to get done. Day in day out it's the same problem... if we CAN get a group it's people in recruit gear tanking or healing, that frustrates me on a level that I myself can hardly believe. We need merges or transfers for Gav.. it's gotten to the last straw for me.
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09.13.2012 , 10:29 AM | #7
I highly agree with all statements made here. The population on our server has always been small, but we tolerate it due to the awesome people on it. But now it's becoming an issue with the population now hemorrhaging. It's time for a merge. PvP queues die after a few losses to either faction, the group finder queue isn't fully utilised, ranked warzones aren't played and the peak time on the fleet is only around 20-30 people.

With no cross-server feature in sight, or a lack of communication regarding one. It falls down to a server merge, we continue playing, because we enjoy the game, and the social aspect of it. But if things continue as they are, it'll eventually end up as a ghost town, which already feels like one at the moment.

We're stranded here, due to no server-transfer feature. Migrating would simply mean starting from scratch. We'd appreciate if there's any word, or update regarding on a possible merge.
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09.13.2012 , 10:37 AM | #8
I would also like to add my voice in agreement with everything said thus far. Though I would also add that I think individual transfers wont solve anything. Having made many friends on Gav Daragon I would not want to leave unless I was sure that they were coming too so it seems to me that a server merge is the only reasonable approach.

i do know that many people have expressed a great deal of frustration over this issue, and at least some have quit the game because of it.

As others have mentioned both PVE and PVP are pushed and carried by a very limited number of individuals. There are times in peak hours where you cannot get a pvp match of level 50 or under 50.

Many of us have dedicated a lot of time, energy and indeed money in getting our characters to the stage they are at, and to basically reach a certain level and then have to shelve the character almost because there is not enough others of the same gear or ability is disheartening.

When the game stops being fun, there is only so long you can keep peoples interest, and I can assure you that, for many people, that point has come and gone.

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09.13.2012 , 11:08 AM | #9
for the love of god please merge the Oceania servers. This game, or any MMO, was not meant to be played by so few players. This game more then others relies on steady number of players participating and too many have left and will soon approach critical failure (as in the opposite to critical mass).

I know we are not your biggest market but can you afford to loos a entire region worth of players for a relatively easy fix of merging server?

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09.13.2012 , 11:19 AM | #10
Also, why are you doing server maintenance during peak times? I appreciate it is middle of morning in US but this is prime time in Australia and other nations on the Western side of Pacific. It would not be such a problem if you could keep a regular schedule. Please stop taking down our game at peak time as this alienates the majority of players who only have this time to do ops or PVP as stated above.