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Class choice.

Tolsimirx's Avatar

08.26.2012 , 03:10 PM | #1
I currently play an assassin tank. My alt is a Juggernaut tank. My guild is overloaded with tanks so I volunteered to roll/go DPS on 1 toon for raids. I love melee dps but I found Marauder very boring, so I was thinking about rolling an Operative for dps. My guildmaster suggested my assassin or Jugg for dps but I cant figure out what would be better, and I feel all my BH and campaign gear would be wasted switching the assassin from tank.

So here is the question.
Operative, Assassin, or Juggernaut for Dps. Not only am I looking for good dps but fun factor (this means opinions!).

Karasuko's Avatar

08.26.2012 , 06:01 PM | #2
Oppnion only here.
Re-roll your Jugg as DPS. I really enjoy playing my vigi guardian (mirror to your vengeance) It does decent dps, Can OT in a pinch and is a blast to play. The combat system for it is very very fluid and theres always something to press.

The only downside of a jugg dps is theres no horribly high numbers, I struggle to hit 5k in a single hit with it but it has a very very stable dps base.Everything is hitting for 1-2 and you hvae dots providing a steady waterfall of damage.

You've said you don't want to reroll your sin .That takes care of one option.

Now don't hate on me for this but..... Operative is a waste of time.The numbers it puts out are very flashy but its sustained and fun factor is not there for me. I like a class that can do stuff and an operative just doesnt do stuff.

I think you will find an operative horribly restrictive as it has little mobility, not the best CD's that melee need in pve and on top of that its sustained dps isn't that flash.

Tolsimirx's Avatar

08.26.2012 , 07:32 PM | #3
Thanks for the reply. Atm I'm definitely going to give Jugg DPS a try. I have almost a full Columi dps set after tanking a ton of heroics today. Of course if anyone else has an opinion they are definitely welcome to post it.

CMBane's Avatar

09.13.2012 , 08:58 AM | #4
Could you keep me posted on how Juggernaut DPS is working out for you as I'm decided whether or not to make a Juggernaut before a Marauder and my main focus would be in DPS, not Tanking.

EDIT: Also, if Juggernaut's look like the guy in my picture, do let me know as I will probably scream with happiness.