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The login server is currently unavailable

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The login server is currently unavailable
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Gangstaa's Avatar

09.12.2012 , 12:25 PM | #31
Dear SWTOR devs,
as you still think that this is the case of our ISP I have an idea. User Szopu alrdy stated that she had conntacted the ISP but without any effect, they are denying and fault on their side. Maby you could try conntacting the ISP itself, as you would have much bigger authority. Orange, or more commonly known in Poland as Telekomunikacja Polska is the biggest internet provider so it may affect a very big range of players. Is it possible for you to perform that action?

Sutii's Avatar

09.12.2012 , 12:42 PM | #32 Click here to go to the next staff post in this thread. Next  
Hello everyone,

Thank you for providing us with the requested information thus far. Our investigation into the matter does continue, however no issues have been identified with the servers at this time. Therefore, we would strongly recommend that those of you who are from Poland and experiencing difficulties with connecting, or maintaining a connection, contact your ISP directly and report to them the issue you are experiencing in detail.

Thank you for your understanding.
Sutii | BioWare Customer Service - Forum Support

Gangstaa's Avatar

09.12.2012 , 12:43 PM | #33
As I wrote before, the ISP is not taking the reports seriously and is denying the fault on their side.

Szopu's Avatar

09.12.2012 , 12:47 PM | #34
Hello Sutii, thanks for replying. I have contacted the ISP and spoke with a nice lady there about the issue. She said that since I have no troubles web browsing or talking to my friends over voice comms while having issues with SWTOR it means that the problem is on the gamer provider side. She then asked me to disconnect my router and reconnect it, saying that she "synched" my connection. Obivously that did not resolve the issue.

What would help is that if you could pin point some technicalities that might be causing the problem on their side and I can ask them to tell me about/check. Right now I'm just a gamer calling a hard working lady who prolly never even heared "MMO" in her life before.

Ksinn's Avatar

09.12.2012 , 12:50 PM | #35
Logged in. Latency stable. Wondering for how long

Ehm, not for long (maybe 20 mins)

Cirinia's Avatar

09.12.2012 , 01:10 PM | #36
I just get back online after power cut and managed to log back into game.
My problems could have been a result from bad weather (storms with lightenings=>power cuts) but for now it is ok.

MorgothPl's Avatar

09.12.2012 , 03:10 PM | #37
Don't know if it's you, Bioware folks, who fixed the servers, or was it my ISP, but problems finally are over. Spent last several minutes in game, ping is steady, no login problems.

Thanks for the assist folks

Sanchees's Avatar

09.13.2012 , 04:51 AM | #38
Same problem as yesterday. Was able to login a few hours ago, and now service is unavailable again. I doubt that it's my provider's problem, considering the fact that this problem occured for folks from Canada, guy from Poland, maybe some other countries, didn't notice. So, please, don't tell me to call them, already done that, everything is functioning, i can access all sites i want. Waiting for some response and hope, you can fix this problem, it's getting a bit annoying.

Beesodd's Avatar

09.13.2012 , 04:57 AM | #39 Click here to go to the next staff post in this thread. Next  
Hi again Sanchees,

Unfortunately, your issue appears to be a separate one to what is discussed already in this thread. Hopefully we can get it resolved too. Can you please provide a traceroute to, hopefully it will be helpful. Instructions on how to do so can be found here:


Beesodd | BioWare Customer Service - Forum Support| Find help for all EA Games at Answer HQ.

Sanchees's Avatar

09.13.2012 , 05:27 AM | #40
Already did one yesterday. Here's new:

Трассировка маршрута к []
с максимальным числом прыжков 30:

1 1 ms <1 мс <1 мс []
2 <1 мс <1 мс <1 мс [
3 <1 мс <1 мс <1 мс
4 66 ms 44 ms 44 ms []
5 82 ms 96 ms 82 ms []
6 81 ms 81 ms 130 ms []
7 71 ms 71 ms 71 ms []
8 82 ms 82 ms 82 ms []
9 94 ms 92 ms 93 ms []
10 87 ms 87 ms 87 ms
11 89 ms 89 ms 89 ms

Трассировка завершена.