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Learn to read the loot...

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09.11.2012 , 02:52 PM | #71
Quote: Originally Posted by RKLimes View Post
So you're saying you should get gear at the expense of someone else, but they shouldn't do so at your expense? Sounds reasonable in 'so many ways' or on 'so many levels'...

You have bad luck if you see something drop 'MULTIPLE' times, and lose the roll each time.. this is unfortunate for you.

Damn those d-bags for needing against you on loot they helped you earn. Afterall, they helped you earn it! They most certainly did not earn it for some fair and unbiased, yet heartless system of group loot distribution!
You're responding to haliy's post about it being forbidden. Nothing should be forbidden. Play however you want to play.

But if you need for a companion in a pug HMFP when someone else could use it on their main, it's bad manners. It's the difference between letting someone in your lane during rush hour or speeding up and blocking them so they have to slow down and cut in behind you.