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Please Forward to your Decision makers

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Please Forward to your Decision makers

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09.08.2012 , 01:24 PM | #1
Please note that this comes from the greatest intentions because I wish to see this game very succesful. I refer it to calling the baby ugly. Every parent believes their child is beautiful but we know there are ugly babies out there and the first reaction is to get defensive. Please don't

At one point there was a vision of where you wanted to be at with this game. I think it is important that your team lays the foundation of where you wish to be in the first year. It amazes me that companies still use the only foundation of charging a subscription each month. It is kind of like how we using our American Mdoel since the great depression but we still wonder why it fails. So I am really happy that someone made the decions to go Free to Play. Here is the problem with Free to Play in the past history. No one has had a stronger BRAND such as what you have. I am amazed that you have not used this to your advantage. People would pay alot of money to buy skins that are customized to the Star Wars brand. What is even more amazing the data is out there! For example:

1. The reason Xbox is so popular is because of its game sales without a doubt but when you look underneath it they sell alot off addons. Extensions of the story. Take the reason game Konami made Lords of Shadows. They realsed an extention of the story line. Do not do what Bioware did so it can be a double edge sword. The point is people love to connect to the story. Research Mirror Neurons. Thats why people get upset when someone drops the football touchdown because its no different from the brain experiencing it. They have proved this.

2. What makes your game succesful is your brand. So exploit it!. Say you are selling Darth Maul's outfit. I guarentee people will pay 5 to 10 bucks just to have that skin. I am telling you there is nothing more powerful than the Star Wars Brand. Ok maybe Coke but that is about it. You have to realize you are the Coke of the gaming World when it comes to brands. They will recognize yours more than Blizzard.

3. Sell items that help your brand and items that enhance the experience not the game. Just look at our data from how many have signed up to win that Darth Maul or how many voted for the Jawa. The only downfall of social media is it assumes it is your players. The good news is you can link the accounts that signed up to their times played in the game to give you a confidence value of how the opinion correlates to the mass. Last but not least dont buy fake social media accounts. It skews your data.

4. Fourth Quarter - you are doing it at the right time, but come out hard with alot options. The graphics are amazing. Sell the option to turn your lightening to red or and go crazy. People want options. As I mentioned would you rather make steady 15 bucks per person over time for 3 years or make it in 1 year. Free to Player works because it is quality rather than quantity. 500 subscriptions can without a doubt produce what 2 million can make if done right. And you have the Brand to do it.

Last but not least whoever is reading this and it doesnt make sense to you because it is not for you to read. Pass it up to those that are making decisions. Don't try to be a marriage counseler who has never been married. I have lead teams and help run a very succesful business. You can make up alot of profit. It is tough when you have investors, owners, team members, and most of all guest (us). You have enough time to make it all back. Quantiy is the old model. Quality is the best with Free to Play. Thank you for your time and sorry for the typos.