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09.06.2012 , 11:08 AM | #1
Would it be worth my time or not to start off as a tank? Do other tanks out perform the assassin/shadow at a low level? Or is one Class just as viable as any other at any level, the only difference being skill and gear.

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09.06.2012 , 03:24 PM | #2
Shadow tanks are boring as all get out until they hit about 20, which is in line with other tanks. VGs probably start off the easiest since their tank talents are more focused on increasing damage/threat/survivability as opposed to outright playability (low level Guardians in Soresu have a hell of a time generating focus and, before Slow Time/Particle Acceleration/Harnessed Shadows, the only useful abilities for a Shadow tank to use are Force Breach and Double Strike), but the low levels are generally a slog for everyone (if you're used to high level play).

Shadows don't really hit their full stride until they hit 40 (Slow Time + Harnessed Shadows), which is a bit after VG and Guardian tanks (VGs don't really have a specific point wherein they spike in playability and Guardians hit it earlier when they get Courage and Cyclonic Sweeps to help offset their painfully weakened focus generation). Also, in the beginning, thanks to the reductions in armor and self healing from 1.3, Shadows are the squishiest tanks starting off. It's not especially important since the requirements for a tank while leveling are so low that almost anyone can do it, so just keep it in mind.
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