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List of IA glitches

yshu's Avatar

12.19.2011 , 05:07 PM | #1

I have played through Dromund Kass and as imperial agent and this is my personal list of glitches that I found. These are not the only glitches I found but aside from lagging problems/character stuck(I've had half my body fall through the floor) I was able to test these and so know they are true.

- When you go to a shop and select show only usable items lightsabers still show up. This was done on Dromund Kass in the commendation's weapons shop.

- At times I will not be able to use certain cover points while at other times they become viable. Also while in Dromund Kass there is an area with heavily malfunctioning droids that you must defeat. By them there are rails that you can use as cover. They are only found in that part of the map and have one bar with another over it. If used as cover, when you try to attack they tell you you can't see the target. I've had the target directly on the other side and still no site. I assume its because the top rail blocks your site while you're allowed to be covered at the bottom rails site.

General suggestion:
-It is not always clear what can be used as cover and what can't. many objects are as large as others you can use as cover but for some reason do not allow you to? This takes a lot a way from the feel of the game, when one box allows you cover and yet an identical box(who's graphics file was most likely the same as well) doesn't allow you cover. Again this may have been a glitch.

-There seem to be no instruction indicating what green arrows mean. I assume they show where cover is but why not just use the outline of your character. They occasionally turn into these outlines when I target an enemy but not always. There is either a glitch occuring there or the game needs further instructions.

Overall the game does not have to many glitches. If anyone knows what the green arrows do it would be greatly appreciated if you could tell me they're intended purpose.

- Thank you very much for reading through this