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The Legacy of a Slave

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08.31.2012 , 12:02 PM | #1
Greetings to all potential viewers, I am Darjetiiverd. However, I would prefer to be called Tiz, the nick name of my main character (Lord Tizrumas Pergalenus) on server Jedi Covenant (Dar is also acceptable). Below is obviously a fan fiction based loosely upon the game itself. It will explain a great deal of my legacy. I will post and update as much as possible, but do note that I have just started high school and might be busy most of the time. I hope you enjoy reading, it will have been my first published (let alone finished) work. Obviously though it might never be finished should I chose to post just that one last entry by the time I get to the end of my tale. Oh and one last thing, don't post your thoughts or review's or what ever on this thread, to do that you may go to "Review: The Legacy of a Slave". So, enjoy!
"A Sith is the ultimate individual. There are as many different Sith Philosophies as there are Sith." -Lord Tizrumas Pergalenus (Sith Inquisitor: Assassin) arguing with his companion Ashara Zavros about the nature of the Sith Code.

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08.31.2012 , 02:55 PM | #2
The Prologue

The transport shuttle rocked and jostled as it made it's way to- where ever they where taking me- as I tried to the best of my ability to plan a way of escape. After an hour or so I decided that it was no use, if the Empire wanted me it could only have meant one thing- but on such short notice? Even if such a possibility where to be true, I am- was- under the ownership of Lord Pergalenus, just another lowly Sith slave. I suppose that I did kill him, that could possibly be the reason they took me. It was either that or they where sentencing me to death for my crimes, either way both situations would most likely mean death. However, the former gave me one last chance.

There where seven of us all together, me, three larger human men, one smaller man, one human girl, and another Sith pureblood, much to my dislike. He was sneering at me from across the room, avoiding eye-contact, but with malice in his eye's towards me when they did connect with mine. I knew instantly I had a thirst for blood, and that Lord Pergalenus would not be my last kill. If anything, the competent fool of a Sith would be a small drink compared to the ocean I would someday swim in, and this other Pureblood would be yet another sip of my tall galss.

The transport jostled again and swung around very aggressively. Moment's later the door opened and the ramp deployed. I could see Imperial Marine's lining all along the path off the ramp of the transport. The two who where guarding the entrance then boarded the transport, and undid my bindings, along with the other "passenger's", or perhaps I'd be saying Prisoners. After he undid my restraints, the others left the transport, But suddenly the soldier tried to take off my adornment across the bridge of my nose and my earrings, in which I acted violently. Barely with my restraints off I heaved my head upward with my full weight knocking him off his feet, feeling the sizzling in my hands I almost shocked him with my lighting. Unfortunately, the apparent commanding officer excused me from the need to remove my adornments, sending the Marine to the Med bay. Being the last one off the others had missed the ordeal, how unfortunate.

No matter, I shall reserve my strength for their deaths in time. They need not know my strength yet, should I deceive myself, and show weakness. I thought, moments after leaving the shuttle. The room I had entered was enormous, larger then anything I had ever seen. It all seemed to be a glistening silver, and at that I point I knew I was on a Star Destroyer. I looked behind me and , as expected upon the realization of where I was, saw that we where indeed hurtling through Hyper-Space. It was an amazing sight for me, for I had never seen hyperspace, and all it's wonderful hue's of blue. I had always dreamed of being a star-ship Captain, seeing the galaxy. Now it left a bitter taste in my mouth, knowing that dream is dead to me, because now the only two options I had in life was to pass my force trials and become Sith, or die. I would much sooner join the Republic as a Jedi then to die a Slave. The very thought, both of them, was unbearable.

Yes. That is a sound plan, and I do enjoy the sound of that. Tizrumas, Dark Lord of the Sith! My smirk was almost completely unnoticeable as I passed the many marine's. At this point I decided that I was not going to be executed as I had first thought, I was being rewarded for my affluence to the Force! I was being brought to Korriban, my ancestor's home-world to become a true Sith as they had long ago! But what of my Lords death? Should I not have been buried alive with the rest of my master's slave's after my killing him? Did they even know that I had plotted his demise? If they had not, then they have much more reason to fear me then any other Darth in the Empire, because even with my humble beginnings, I have the cunning and ability to defeat a Dark Lord of the Sith.

To be continued later. Thanks for reading and be sure to visit Review: The Legacy of a Slave to give me advice, spot typo's, be a Grammar Nazi, be a critic or ever other thing, so that this thread isn't crowded with stuff that isn't part of the story. Otherwise I'll report, sorry guys, that's the rule.
"A Sith is the ultimate individual. There are as many different Sith Philosophies as there are Sith." -Lord Tizrumas Pergalenus (Sith Inquisitor: Assassin) arguing with his companion Ashara Zavros about the nature of the Sith Code.