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How much Power is too much power?

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How much Power is too much power?

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08.27.2012 , 09:11 AM | #21
I am a power build carnage Mara. Seen lots of debate over which is better for carnage...power or crit. Seen arguments for either side of the debate but I have gone the power route. I don't really PvP much any more so mine is just a PvE plan. Right now have mostly rakata gear and a couple pieces of black hole gear. I have also swapped out mods in my rakata with BH mods and fully augmented in a mix of str/end and pwr/end augments. Also using crafted belt and bracers with the 26 mod and armoring. I know my crit rate is low but by focusing on power my general dmg is high enough to counter the lower crit. Fully buffed with exotech stim I am sitting around 2138 str, 694 bonus dmg (like 1013 power or something like that) making my primary hand range 1000-1153. My surge is at 77% (over the 75 due to the adept 26mods having pwr and surge) but my crit is only at 25%. Acc is at 101%

I can still do 1400+ dps using ACT on raid operations dummy for a 4-5min parse. Yes Ani is still touted as the highest dps version of mara due to dots/bleeds and some would tell you that having a low crit rate is death but from my own experiences and comparing to one of our raiding annihilation mara I am not seeing it. My power/bonus dmg is crazy and I believe that the over all boost to my standard and ability dmg makes up for my lower crit rating. I have the surge that when I do crit I get the big crits (5-6k force screams, 4-5k vicious throws, 6-7k ravage dmg etc). I am still looking at how I can tweak a bit more to squeeze more crit out but I have stacked a lot of pwr and for me its working rather well. I am sure some will say your doing it wrong but to each their own. Big debate over which is better for carnage. Some say crit others say power...I have gone the power route and have been very satisfied and effective.
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08.30.2012 , 11:17 AM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by Megatfx View Post
Your optimization is far from complete, your end stats should look like this fully buffed (Minus Stim, character builder doesn't have an option I can find for it)

For tips and tricks on doing the above go look at my reply in this thread:
Mega is correct, at least for a Rage build. To be honest, I am not entirely sure how it parses out for carnage and annihilation, as in, is losing 5% crit worth the power gains of swapping out crit for power in every mod/enhancement. Everything else in his character builder is spot on though, and my gut tells me that power > crit for all specs, so long as it is 1:1 ratio that you are trading.

The thing to remember is that crits don't double your damage, they only give about a 75% increase. Also, crit has DR so... that further complicates things. At current feasibly obtained crit/surge levels, I don't think that crit can compare to power, but this really needs to be simcrafted with at least 10,000 iterations of dps tests before we can confirm or deny that. Anyone want to do some simcrafting? =)
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08.30.2012 , 01:28 PM | #23
I'm a fully black hole/campaign geared power-centric carnage marauder too, I've done tons of parses and studying and I find that suggestion that we should have 300+ crit is too high. I've found the breakeven point for carnage is also around 200, but between 100 and about 250 is basically pretty hard to measure. That correlates with the stat calculator at mmo-mechanics forums. If there's contradictory data, I would like to see it.

I parse (A LOT) on the ops dummy on my ship with an approximately 5 minute interval, fully raid-buffed with stim. My best results were with 191 crit, 57 accuracy, 512 surge and 1067 power--1899.4.

Here is my current build (replaced 1 might augment with an overkill since the best parse):

Here is my parse:,f=1,t=1,b=1

For optimizing endgame gear, a lot of time and money can be wasted trying to get power/crit balanced just right when it doesn't make much difference. The trade-off in pwr vs. str is small too. Getting rid of accuracy for surge is also minimal. In my opinion, the biggest help is getting all deft mods for the highest str/pwr number, and in particular, getting a customized belt and bracers with deft mods in it--the stats are much better than campaign/black hole bracers and belts. After that, when you've got money to waste is when it's time to work on the other stuff, but time is probably better spent working on technique.

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08.30.2012 , 10:28 PM | #24
i have 2206 str , 1028 power 109 critical, 285 surge , 285 accuracy, should i drop my matrix cube to get another warhero 113 power relic, and i just specced to carnage from anni, i was wondering if my critical sucks