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Lvl 30 Scoundrel

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08.22.2012 , 02:46 PM | #1
Maybe I am spoiled, but I have finally hit the wall now that I am past 30, that I am having issues with soloing. I have both Bowdaar and Corso geared out as well as myself. I'm using the middle tree - forgive me I am drawing a blank on what it is called (lol) and having to re-download the game due to too many issues with errors on it otherwise I would post what my tree looks like to get opinions.

I've solo'd most of this game, and occasionally have pvp'd with this gal. I only heal if I am grouped up on an as needed basis (I will probably go healing tree come 45+) Thus why I chose the middle tree. I use stealth and cover before dropping my bombs and then shooting. (again, I'm sorry I suck and I know it cause i cant write down what my rotation is -_-')

Any suggestions on rotations or tree building. Like I said, I was doing pretty well up until lvl 30, and now that I am 33 I'm hurting and feel like I am doing more heals than playing with my companion, is that normal?

PS - anyone have any good guilds on Drooga's Pleasure Barge, I'd love to group other than in pugs, yes i know this isn't where you post that but hey, what the heck

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08.22.2012 , 04:30 PM | #2
Was Scrapper the name of the tree you were thinking of?

Can't really comment much on level 30 Scoundrel, as my Operative is only level 28. One thing I'm wondering though, do you use your stealth 60 sec stun that often? Scoundrel/Operative is blessed in that they can CC two enemies at once for 60 seconds (assuming one is a droid and the other is organic). Also, don't be afraid to use your in-combat stealth to get out of combat. Taking down a few enemies, smokebomb, heal, then taking out the rest is a totally legit strategy.
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08.22.2012 , 04:37 PM | #3

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08.23.2012 , 11:02 PM | #4
Crowd Control is an absolute must when playing a scoundrel. Use your stealth and sneak up and use the tranquilizer dart on the strongest member of the mob. While he's knocked out, take out the Standard enemies, then come back to him (you should have plenty of time). Remember though, any AoE attacks will break the stun, so if your companion is using any, turn them off. The scrapper tree is really designed for your attacks to be "up close and personal", so don't use cover to much. Do you have Risha yet? It doesn't sound like it, but when you do, I highly suggest using her. Her sniper attacks are a very good complement to your melee attacks. So my attack plan usually goes like this: A) go into stealth and trank the strongest one. B) Put Risha into sniper mode, then sneak up and Backblast one of the Standard enemies (no grenades!). C) Vital Shot, Quickshot, Blaster Whip, then Sucker Punch should take him down. Take out the easy ones, then come back to the strong one. Use the same rotation, but toss in a Dirty Kick to get in a couple of free attacks. Elites are tougher and required a different strategy. I would usually send in Corso (or Akaavi when you get her) and then hang back and heal him as long as possible. I just hit 50 with my scoundrel and there were only 3 or 4 Boss fights I really had touble with.
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08.28.2012 , 03:16 PM | #5
Well I can't speak for your dps tree 'scrapper' leveling but I leveled all the way to 50 in the sawbones healing tree and it worked out great. You can still deal decent damage in that tree plus your heals are better to keep your companion and yourself up during tough fights.
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08.28.2012 , 03:27 PM | #6
Healer tree with tank companion in DPS gear/stance is what you want for solo PvE. Also applies at 50.
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08.29.2012 , 10:05 AM | #7
I have a level 50 scoundrel that I grinded up as a healer and now play both dps (Scrapper tree - which is the middle) and healer.

I recommend you stay on the middle tree for grinding. But I suspect you are not using the abilities to the best advantage.

A lot of people do not understand their armor or mods and think they have good gear when they don't.
You should be wearing medium armor with cunning, power and crit. The mods/armor with alacrity are for healers.
Corso and Bowdaar where heavy armor. Corso's main stat is Aim and Bowdaar's is strength.

The key is managing your energy and fighting to your strengths. A scrapper relies on stealth and using the companion to mitigate damage. Once you get your healer companion, it becomes much easier.

I like using Corso (Range Tank) over Bowdaar (Melee Tank). You should look at their stances and abilities... Turn off their aoe attacks for now. Set their stance to defensive and only heal them if you are not taking a lot of damage to do so.

You should always have your smuggler buff (Lucky Shots) active.

For PVE:
If you are approaching a group, you should be in stealth. Use your sneak to get in close and stun (tranq dart) the strong, then target a weak and use shoot first. This does a good amount of damage and grants upper hand. Then use blaster whip (also gets upper hand which stacks). You want to use pugnacity as much as possible for the energy gains so now is a good time to use it (consumes 1 upper hand). If you are behind the target then back blast, other wise use Vital Shot then sucker punch. You should have blaster whip available again, if not, use the free basic blaster fire.

Don't forget to use your defensive screen and dodge (these are your defensive cooldowns).
You should use flash grenades and dirty kick to control the fight and get away from hard hitters.
Use the Surrender ability to move aggro to your companion.
If you are getting swarmed, use disappearing act.
I also like to use dirty kick if I am having trouble getting behind the target for back blast.
Thermal grenade is good for range attacks, but never to start a fight.
Use sabotage charge and blaster burst to finish fights if your energy is high. If energy is below 80% and cool head is not available (on cool down), these are a bad idea.

Some fights you don't want to get anywhere close. When that is the case, find a good spot for cover and use the Ctrl-1 to have your companion attack first, then sit back and hit them using your ranged attacks. This is not preferable, but some fights require slightly altered tactics.

If you are have trouble with a particular mission or boss, make sure your armor is at 100% and use skill stims to help.