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Nightmare Pilgrim: A Test of Patience?

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08.26.2012 , 08:11 AM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by Typeslice View Post
Its a throwback to the old school MMO raiding - back when nothing was instanced. personally i think it's great. I love watching Imp guilds fail and then having them have to watch us one shot it. The sense of competition is placed directly in the game as opposed to message boards and progression websites. It's a breath of fresh air for some and an annoyance to others. I am one of the former. it just doesn't work well with the entitled MMO playerbase of today.

Lol, tell me the name of your guild so I can be sure to never join it. I'd understand your sentiments about watching other people fail if it was pvp against you, and you won, but your actually taking enjoyment from watching another game player fail at something. You mention a sense of competition: Why? They had a go and didn't do it, better luck next time. You had a go and succeeded, great.