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Arsenal Mercenary's PVE's Performance

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Arsenal Mercenary's PVE's Performance

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08.26.2012 , 07:29 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by LuizHD View Post
So,I've made a Merc,and after reading through the forums I just want to confirm:Are Mercs seriously inferior to Powertechs in PVE cause, what I heard and the motive I chose Merc is that in PVE Merc >>Powertech and in PVP
Powertech>>Merc and as I am interested in Just the PVE with my Merc, I want to know while I am still at level 20 so I don't lose my time leveling a character that will later be shunned/useless in Endgame PVE content.So will I have to delete and re-roll as a Powertech(Probably gonna make a Trooper )?
To answer your question (since no one else did) yes PT do out-DPS arsenal Mercs on raids (~1800 dps in HM EC). They are about the only class that can though. Good Marauders, Mercs, and Snipers are all on par for #2 (1500-1600 dps in HM EC).