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[Cybertech] Temporary Quick Travel Beacons

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[Cybertech] Temporary Quick Travel Beacons

IceKrusher's Avatar

08.25.2012 , 12:17 PM | #1
As our guild was waitng for everyone to gather up to kill the Primal Destroyer, I thought that it would be really great to have the ability to get everyone to the location much faster. The idea of having the Cybertech's be able to construct temporary Quick Travel Beacons that lasted for 5 minutes came to me. Everyone would still have to travel to the planet, but once there they would be quickly meet up using QT. Just a thought, but one that would be extremely useful.

Alkazarr's Avatar

08.25.2012 , 04:22 PM | #2
I second that.

It's a great suggestion and I think that all the existing crafts could use a bit of love REGARDING level 50 customers. We mostly make our money from levelers, and that means that we don't always get the most stady of incomes... but what would be great is to see more consumable items for level 50s.

-Temporary repair bots ( i know legacy perk...but come on... we all know deep down that the legacy perk are pretty lame and that exept a couple, most are a waste of time and money but that's for another discussion...)
-Traps ( grenades exist I know but it could be built upon more)
-Temporary access to cargo hold bay/ guild bank/etc,,,
-Personal teleporters/passes as you suggested
-Basically a lot of what the legacy perk unlock should be items that crafters could be able to produce...which leave you free to build on more interesting rewards...talking to you devs

Sorry if I somehow changed the subject a bit OP, but suggestions like yours go to prove how some crafters feel about themselves and what they wished crafts could do/add to the game.

I'm not going to say "all" of the crafters as I have no numbers to back anything up...but I hardly see why would crafters say no to the opportunity of make crafting a BIGGER part of their game experience at ANY level.
Crafting blues and purples lvl27 for monies is all well and good...but frankly quite boring. GIve us some excitement bioware !!!