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[Armortech] Need advice on Armortech

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[Armortech] Need advice on Armortech

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08.23.2012 , 01:59 PM | #1
Hi, as the title says I need advice, I want to make a full set of Purple armour for my healing companion, I don't know where to begin on which types to use.
There are 3 medium armour sets at 49 to turn into blues and then purples.
Biorestorative 59 end, 50 cunning, 29 power, 29 alacrity
Bonded Mesh 59 end, 50 cunning, 29 accuracy, 29 crit
Combat Ultramesh 50 end, 62 cunning, 29 accuracy, 25 power
using jackets (chest) as an example.
The next stage adds either defence (redoubt), power (overkill), and critical.
The Final stage adds Presence, Accuracy, Alacrity, Surge & Shield.

So for a healing companion, what green should I use and what blue and finally purple. To make a full set.

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08.24.2012 , 02:00 AM | #2
I'm guessing you'd probably want to go with the typical crit/surge/alacrity set up. Get the crit chance up with crit gear to around 25%, crit multiplier up to around 75% with surge, stack some alacrity on top of that if you can get it high enough or go with power. The Artifact prefix items starting with Endowment are the surge schematics that build off of the blue Critical schematics, so that is where you might want to start. Also, Supremacy schematics add alacrity to the Critical blue schematics, so you might want some items with that prefix. If you think you have enough crit for your comp and you want to boost its power, then look to RE the Expert and Vehemence schematics from the Overkill blue versions for surge and alacrity, respectively.
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