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Worth switching

LukeSaberRattler's Avatar

08.22.2012 , 02:09 PM | #1
I have a lvl 26 PowerTech already but didn't like the tank spec so I converted him to DPS but feel I am missing out. Is a Merc better or equal in DPS as PowerTech? At least with a Merc I think I can get some healing with DPS specs right? Also can Mercs wear heavy armor or is that just PowerTechs?

Want to know if I should waist my time redoing the story from 1-25 again or just stick with my PowerTech.

Voxx_Voltaare's Avatar

08.22.2012 , 05:23 PM | #2
I haven't played as a PT. I have a 50 arsenal merc that I have put aside now that I'm leveling a marauder. I don't think anyone on this forum will advise you to go merc over PT. The PT pyro spec is much better than the merc pyro, which is slightly better than arsenal for dps, if you like to be mobile. And yes mercs are heavy armor. Unless they make some significant changes to the merc AC, you'll be much happier that you went PT at 50 than if you went merc. The only caveat is if you wanted to go healer, in which case the merc bodyguard is actually pretty decent. for its class.

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08.23.2012 , 07:56 AM | #3
I personally made the switch from leveling a Powertech to a Mercenary when my PT hit around 30. I already had a level 50 DPS/tank Assassin and healing operative at the time. It felt boring playing a bounty hunter as a melee to me. As I already had a melee DPS.

As soon as I started my Mercenary I was hooked. It was the ranged playstyle that I wanted and it felt more iconic considering it's a bounty hunter. I still get on my Powertech to PVP from time to time which is where they shine. Not that Mercs can't hold their own in pvp, but it seems like I only get paired with a team full of marauders when I am lol.

We have a Merc in our EC HM group that does more than fine DPS. Despite what folks say they are all viable endgame. So, it comes down to what playstyle you feel will suit you best and obviously which is more fun!
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LukeSaberRattler's Avatar

08.23.2012 , 11:10 AM | #4
See I started an Operative because I wanted the ranged DPS but I can't stand the cover mechanic. I already have a Vanguard which is my melee tank so I think that is why I got tired of my PowerTech. I think I will probably switch to a Merc as I do like the idea of ranged DPS without the cover crap.