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Please untie our hands

dapixelassassin's Avatar

08.22.2012 , 10:50 PM | #1
Please create a real LFG (Pug) tool (take a lesson from DDO's pug tool). There is so much general chat going on that our LFG's arent visible long enough for other good players to see, so we have to repost the LFG and were getting ignored by other good players because they keep seeing the same person posting the same LFG over and over even if we wait until our post goes off the chat window. When you reach lvl 50 and are trying to do end game content and youre ignored by good players just because they see you posting the same LFG and getting ignored its damn near impossible to get a group for what we want to do. also alot of people have the chat channels turned off anyway.

Its gotten soooo frustrating trying to find a group or get a group together without this tool. I honestly dont have a clue in the world why you released this game without one.

Please do something about this and untie our frigging hands. It will make the game much more enjoyable for everyone, not just end game content. Doing this will also clean up and cut down on the amount of chat.

P.S. You dont have an emoticon blowing his head off so i won't add one.