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Aggro Problems

bbare's Avatar

07.21.2012 , 03:42 PM | #1
I've been having a few problems with aggro as a PT Pyro. It seems like half the time I'm doing LI HM, I am pulling off Lorrick during his initial phase. This is also including the guard. I tried to forgo using explosive fuel as well, and timing my TD and RS to not go off at the same time, but every time I'm pulling aggro. I'm wondering if it is more of a tank issue or me not controlling my threat as well. It would be nice if Bioware gave PT's some kind of a threat drop since they frequently lead the dps meters. I sometimes have to slow my dps down at the beginning so I don't pull, especially on Toth and Zorn, even when I'm guarded.

LordExozone's Avatar

07.21.2012 , 05:48 PM | #2
Yes I noticed these threat issues as well. Maybe its intended design, but an "oh ****" button that drops aggro would be nice.

In any case it's easily compensated for. I always start non-trash fights with incendiary missile and 2 or 3 times rapid shots. That way I have something to do other than looking pretty, while the tank has a chance to establish aggro. Then I will slowly start with my rotation, making sure to still hold back a little and putting in a rapid fire if multiple things crit after another, until I'm certain the tank has a secure hold on the boss.

If you charge in right from the start popping explosive fuel/relics and your IM > TD > RS > RP/FB > RS rotation then you will draw aggro.
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07.23.2012 , 02:05 PM | #3
If you're constantly pulling aggro from bosses even with Guard on, that's definitely a tank problem.

Hopefully you have enough HP that you can take a hit or two from a boss. As a tank, I would tell you to go ahead and unload on the boss at the start of the fight. You may pull aggro briefly, but one taunt will have the boss back on me, and then I will have a threat lead on you AND your damage boosts will be on cooldown, so I shouldn't have any trouble keeping the lead.

Do note that some bosses clear their threat table and/or go after random or secondary targets sometimes. Lorrick, for example, will attack and disable random party members during his second phase, and during the third phase he will reset his aggro table faster than the tank's taunts will come off CD. That's completely normal and part of the encounter design.

P.S. "Aggro dump" abilities don't actually do much in this aren't missing much by not having one.
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08.21.2012 , 12:25 PM | #4
It's a tank issue. If you were in the lower lvls then it might be you. While I was leveling i noticed I needed to weave my single tgt taunt into the rotation a little to keep high geared dps from ripping threat away. Once you're into HM content though this is no longer an issue. Especially with guard on you. There is no way you should rip aggro of a competant tank if his guard is on you. If you do because of a mechanic/lag/drunk player tanking then its a simple taunt and you should be good.
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