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damage number amounts and appearance

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damage number amounts and appearance

cIear's Avatar

08.19.2012 , 02:30 PM | #1
Im noticing that when you start doing damage and the nunmbers pop out from the top, that some of them have different behaviors. So I was curious if anyone knows anything abou tthis and if it means anything? Also the colors too im curious about. So heres my Q's.

1. Is there a differnce between the numbers just appearing (floating to the top kinda) and when the numbers seem to 'pop out' kind of effect?

2. Is there a meaning in the colors of the numbers? Some are white , some are yellow. I think thats all i have seen so far, maybe red but i cant remember.

3. Is there a tell between question 1 and 2 above for when I crit? Like does it get yellow on crits? or does it float differently? Also with this question, are there some kind of audio tells? Ive heard a rumor that if you have a female toon and she yells or screams during combat, that means that she just got a critical hit. Again this is just something Ive read or heard somewhere. I have a Sentinel and a Smuggler, and I cant recall if they make noises during combat but I'm not sure. So if there are audio tells does it only happen for particular classes and not all?

I know these are some random Q's and seems like its getting to boring but I have alot of curiousity

Thanks for the help in advance for those filling in the knowledge.

Eternalnight's Avatar

08.19.2012 , 02:39 PM | #2
no yellow does not mean crit (would be kind of wierd as some types of abilities are always yellow and some never)

White hit = weapon damage

Yellow = Tech / force power attacks

Grey and dark yellow for damage done by companions

Green = heal (with the name of healer attached, if not your own)

Red = you getting damaged

Cyan = Damage done with external objects (exploding fuel tanks, etc)

Crits are slightly bigger bolded numbers