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Absolute best PvP build?

Cempa's Avatar

08.19.2012 , 12:48 AM | #11
Let me share what I did, I looked at my ability tab and noticed the game already says what kind of damage the ability does, because I actually levelled my own class as Pyro I knew what are my highest damage/burst abilities and rotations are and I knew how to line up TD+Punch+Rail while having my x2 DoTs running.

I realized that most of the damage I do was: Tech

I then looked at the talent trees and noticed for an investment of 1 point JUST ONE POINT I could increase Tech crit by 3%. From there on YOU decide whether you want to buff Rail Shot Burst or Sustained DPS via all Fire Effects or simply buff Flame Burst!

0/6/31 Leaving you with 2 points.

Rapid Venting to me is the superior talent, as PT you really should never allow your heat to go over 40 any way and weave in Rapid Shot..after many hours of PvP do not need anything more tbh.
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