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QQing Matchup

iSoldat's Avatar

08.11.2012 , 10:23 AM | #1
When the GF was introduced it matched up the groups based on class to get a balanced group. I don't believe you could really do that in PVP. However I believe that it can still be done based on rank.

I believe that the gear grind for the lower ranked puts them at a considerable disadvantage. Obviously, the higher ranked QQr's are going to be better geared. My idea isn't new, but why not group ranks in tiers, e.g., 1 to 30, 30 to 50, and 50 +. Or allow the players to chose between 1 - 40, 30 to 60 or 50 + to challenge those who like a challenge and to keep the peace while the lower end is gearing up and learning to pvp their respective classes. It can't be fun for the high end player to get pugged with a group in recruit/BM when they haven't even learned the fundamentals of the WZ or understand the teamwork needed to excell in a WZ.

This would eliminate a lot of the gear enequities between the bottom and top ranked players. It might also keep the lower ranked players from leaving the QQ altogether and allow the higher end to QQ with players closer to thier individual skills.

It's not fun for the lower end to get face-rolled and have heard the higher mention boredom due to longer wait times in ranked or face-rolling the same lower end.