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Community Round-Up: August 9th, 2012

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Community Round-Up: August 9th, 2012
First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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08.09.2012 , 02:21 PM | #1 This is the last staff post in this thread.  
Hey everyone!

Please use this thread to discuss the Community Round-Up as well as nominate any threads, events, or discussions about SWTOR for next week's blog.

You can also PM me any nominations you have!

Also, as a friendly reminder, the purpose of this blog is not to highlight the most talked about issues on the forums, but fun, interesting, and productive threads outside of General Discussion.

Thanks for staying on topic!
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08.09.2012 , 02:48 PM | #2
Very nice to see links to good posts on SWTOR Subreddit

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08.11.2012 , 09:07 AM | #3
would like to see the price drop for 8.99 to 4.99 a mouth and you get more people joining the game to pay to play you have lowered the game price now low the subscribe pls

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08.12.2012 , 01:31 AM | #4
The Schrute Legacy

Read: SWTOR Single panel Webcomic

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08.12.2012 , 03:40 PM | #5
The Spark of Insanity guild on Nightmare Lands EU Server have been setting up weekly Open World PvP Events at different locations around the galaxy. Yesterday was our 5th Open World PvP Event which was held at the Ilum PvP Zone and was once again enjoyed by all who took part.

Big thanks again to all who attended, our next event has already been set.
Spark of Insanity
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08.13.2012 , 07:40 AM | #6
Hmm is 8-13, is there any maintenance scheduled for the 14th? I'd like to plan accordingly as it always happens during the hours I'm active.

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08.13.2012 , 08:06 AM | #7
I would like to nominate this fun and interesting thread: It is discussing Same Gender Relationships, there are some great posts in there.
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