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So I know I'm being thick here but....

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08.09.2012 , 06:04 AM | #1
....I'm a new L50 and still getting my head around a few things - if I use the group finder for a flashpoint, it will (eventually) bring up the window for three random people and myself to form a PUG and start a flashpoint.

The flashpoint will always 'belong' to one of the other players (i.e. it's their story or phase or whatever ( can't remember what it's called - the yellow gold box in the top center will have their name on it).

So presumably they've flagged they need a group for an FP and the game has went looking for 3 other players for them? How do I do that?

The game says to start a group you either do it manually (via the chat window or standing by the entrance to the FP and trying to recruit players stood around) but there must be another way and starting the flashpoint by myself doesn't seem to give me a chance to say "game! find me three players please!".

Any ideas?

Yeah, I know, noob - flame away.

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08.09.2012 , 07:22 AM | #2
Well, unless im mistaking what you are asking (Possible ) who's zone it is doesnt really matter.

By going on the Group Finder, you are asking the game to find 3 other people to do a FP with, and everyone would have done the same thing as you by going into the queue also. By everyone accepting the invite, you all get the same quest, so thats why who's zone it is doesnt really matter.

It is possible to put together a team before using the finder also, and the finder will just fill the remaining spots in the team using random people that have queued. So if you have a Healer friend for instance, and you are a Tank, the Group finder will get 2 random DPS from the finder.

Hope that helps you out

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08.09.2012 , 07:22 AM | #3
all you need to do is enter the que with the appropriate FPs selected. ( As a fresh I'd recommend selecting BT, Boarding Party, Foundry for a bit before going full random. Get some gear on and go from there)

Everything else is auto assigned. Don't do anything beforehand
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08.09.2012 , 07:27 AM | #4
It used to be important for instances who was the leader because they had control over who they could kick, however with groupfinder the instance owner really doesnt matter as all have the same options to vote kick.