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Vibroblades for Scoundrels

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Vibroblades for Scoundrels

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08.07.2012 , 05:55 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Pandemoniac View Post
After playing with both classes, I agree that the vibroknife is much more valuable than the scattergun. The gun clearly doesn't do the same amount of damage, doesn't stun people, and you have to be behind the person to use them. The smuggler videos we saw while this game was in development showed smugglers knocking down Sith face-to-face. I am disappointed with the scattergun. It needs to do more damage and I should be able to use it whether I'm in front of, behind, to the left of or whatever to a bad guy.
You have dirty kick as a stun (ops have their debilitate with the knife so no issues there), I do agree that the shotgun blast needs to be usable in front of the enemy. I think that blaster whip should be used only behind the enemy and the shotgun blast from anywhere. I don't have any issues with the damage, this is purely a visual thing, but would be cool. I mean really who wants a shotgun blast to the face!!

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08.08.2012 , 06:29 PM | #12
I think that vibroblades look cooler for a rear attack than shotguns, but I'd rather play Republic than Sith.

I must agree with some previous posters that it is dumb for shotguns to be a rear attack.
If scoundrels are using shotguns, they should have some more shotgun uses, such as a different attack that is a cone aoe, or other shotgun attacks.

I think it is dumb for shotguns to be only one attack which is from the rear, close range and single target.

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08.08.2012 , 07:40 PM | #13
Well, according to the logic of the game, the less you use a gun in its intended manner, the more damage you deal (Rapid Shots > Quick Shot > Backblast > Blaster Whip > Sucker Punch). Logically, a knife would do more damage than a fist so it would make sense to bring a knife to a gunfight since the gun does so little damage.
Can't wait until my smuggler gets the all powerful, Finger poke to the chest ability. Will be like a nuke going off.
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