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Utterly Frusterated with EC HM

wetslampigduex's Avatar

08.06.2012 , 01:34 PM | #31
if it is happening at 40 and 60% my advice would be your killing the adds too slow. My guild will kill the adds in the bubble then jump/move right back on the tank asap. Normally i still have 1-2 lighting spires to drop. As for the threat on storm caller i dunno what it is with that tank, but your not the only one whos had issues with it i've seen posts about it up here before. I've seen ppl saying the power a power adrenal at the start to get some extra threat. My advice would be to go in there throw out all your high threat attacks and wait for the dps to pull then taunt. Or if u wanted to get real fancy jump to the friendly you have on the ground taunt and force leap back.