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Which advanced class/spec shouldI go for ?

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Which advanced class/spec shouldI go for ?

Alkazarr's Avatar

08.03.2012 , 05:38 AM | #1
Hello SWTOR forums , I'm in dire need of advice.

I am going for my fourth playthrough, and am finally ready to take on the smuggler class. My problem is I have already had a go at each "main" styles of playing AKA tank, DPS and healer so Im looking for something fresh/exciting to play for my smuggler run.

I have played a jedi guardian def specced, a consular shadow infiltration and a commando medic all to lvl50/BM gear (in the given order) if it can give you an idea of what/how I played.
I also really enjoy PVP so it's important that my smuggler functions well in that environment, and not just PVE.

Thank you for reading, and already looking forward to your suggestions!

-An indecisive smuggler

currann's Avatar

08.05.2012 , 01:02 PM | #2
Well, if you go scoundrel you can heal/dps. As far as healing goes, i really enjoy it, having played sawbones from early acces, it has gotten a lot of buffs, and as of right now, is considered the best healing in the game. Its also a very mobile healer spec, having 3 heals you can cast while moving.

The Dps spec for the scoundrel is Supposed to be the Burst spec. Sneak in, open up and kill your enemy. Re-stealth. Unfortunately, it has gotten a ton of nerfs, but played right, i believe it can still do huge burst damage. I'm not really sure what else to say, as i havent played this spec too much, but i believe that there is no room for error.

On the other hand, you have the Gunslinger. This class is pure DPS.

The first tree is very good at burst damage. The second spec is good at AoE damage, and has one ability that lays an 18 second aoe on the ground, that damages and interupts caps, VERY good for defending a node in PvP. The third tree is a dot spec, not sure whether burst or sustained, though. I only have a lvl 32 Gunslinger, though, so i cant say too much for him( as i havent been able to experiment with specs), other than i am really looking forward for the aoe