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Why does everyone complain about the lack of brackets?

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Why does everyone complain about the lack of brackets?

OSUNightfall's Avatar

12.19.2011 , 11:57 AM | #1
I understand the *logical* reason to campaign for a bracketed system, but the bracket-less system is implemented so well I don't think it applies here.

I've played probably 50-100 matches since early access started, and I rarely have trouble with another player unless they're either over 20 levels above me or just more skilled, and even a 20 level gap is far from insurmountable. Most classes have all the major tools they need in pvp by 14. Yeah, you'll get more as you get higher, but I feel like it adds more breadth than depth. At lower levels I do what my abilities allow me to do at that time and still do perfectly fine.

Frankly, I think it's a miracle that SWTOR's bracket-less system works so incredibly well (up to 49 that is.) The gear you can get at 50 makes it a bit unbalanced, but even then I think it would be perfectly fine to have only two brackets: 10-49 and 50. But even 50s aren't invulnerable, just a pain.

I wonder how much of the complaining is due to the lack of skill of the player, rather than the bracket-less system actually causing a huge imbalance. It's not at all hard to top damage even at level 10 as some classes.