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Are schematics valuable

GalaxyStrong's Avatar

08.02.2012 , 11:15 AM | #1
My Companions keep bringing back schematic's along with the stuff I sent them after. My Sith Warrior is trained in Cybertech so I can't use them. I have a schematic for double-bladed LightSaber, norm. LightSaber, gloves, chest and a bunch of others should I save these. I could do ArmorTech or ArmsTech or Artifice on my next characte. What do you guys think.

Mayeh's Avatar

08.02.2012 , 11:48 AM | #2
The lightsaber schematics are worthless, you will end up with hundreds of them if you make an artificer. It's good to know them, but really until you get some level 50 crystals the only recipes you will find are for the lightsabers. I treat them as 540 credits to a vendor.

A_nonymous's Avatar

08.02.2012 , 11:56 AM | #3
What schematics are valuable then? I'm Armormech, but my companions frequently bring back schematics for things that apply to other classes so I can't research them. Should I sell them to a vendor or do they have any value on the GTN? It's like lvl 25-30 stuff.

GnatB's Avatar

08.02.2012 , 11:57 AM | #4
orange weapon schematics (lightsaber and otherwise) are fairly worthless. lightsaber ones you can pretty much just vendor, armstech ones you may be able to get default price on the GTN.

Orange armor for chest/helm/legs you can probably get default price on the GTN if you put 'em up enough times. (I don't have enough GTN slots for 'em, so just vendor 'em), guantlets/boots probably a bit more, since they're newer schems. Wrists/Waists are probably still worth quite a bit, as the market for the products surprisingly hasn't bottomed out yet..

darksidechemist's Avatar

08.02.2012 , 12:30 PM | #5
The armor schematics should be worth something. Look around on the GTN to get an idea of how much. The saber schematics are good for wallpapering your ship.

GalaxyStrong's Avatar

08.02.2012 , 12:54 PM | #6
Quote: Originally Posted by darksidechemist View Post
The armor schematics should be worth something. Look around on the GTN to get an idea of how much. The saber schematics are good for wallpapering your ship.
It's pretty funny to think your first LightSaber could be the only LightSaber you ever use. Because it's just a shell with mod's.

theStirge's Avatar

08.02.2012 , 09:11 PM | #7
The non-orange schematics that you get are worth a bit, especially the ones you get from Investigation, because no one runs Investigation, because no one runs Armstech, because it sucks. (Well, I run Arms, but I'm crazy and run everything.) They aren't worth a ton, but collectors will sometimes pay a premium for ones they don't have. 400 skill Augment schems don't count, they're even more common than orange gear schems.

Gwena's Avatar

08.02.2012 , 10:48 PM | #8
In my experience: for armormech and synthweaving, schematics for orange gear can fetch a pretty good price. The new belts, etc from 1.3 especially.

The exception is schematics from the highest level (and second highest level, to a lesser extent) missions. Other than the new schematics from 1.3, they tend to go for super cheap. I figure it is because these are the missions that everyone runs at max level for making credits (companion gifts don't go above grade 5 so you don't need to run max tier missions for those). And high level orange gear isn't as useful anyway, since you can use the lower level stuff all the way to 50 if you like it.
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