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Announcing a Free-to-Play Option

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Announcing a Free-to-Play Option
First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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08.01.2012 , 02:48 PM | #591
i just hope that subscribers get access to everything for free and doesnt do like cryptic did and make the subs still buy everything via micro-transactions.....

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08.01.2012 , 02:50 PM | #592
Quote: Originally Posted by Vaterwolf View Post
Well I cant say I am happy about hearing about this. To be honest I am utterly dissapointed. I have been reading the forums, the pro's and cons and I think a lot of the pros are being just rabid fans..but thats ok, their allowed to be.
My major set of fears here are myriad. Bioware stated they were hoping to lure a lot of the alomst 1,000,000 subs they have lost since peak 1.7 mill by this model. What to me they havent thought about is this WHY THEY LEFT!
Sure, they will come back and play...for money for bioware, why would they suddenly start paying for a game that has not changed any of the mistakes that exist for which was the reason they left to begin with??
The game is essentially the same it was, with the same things that are great and the same things that are causing the game to bleed subs like a cut jugular.
Here is what I think the problems are:
The game is totally focussed (and wonderful by the way) for the leveling from 1-50 experience, and thats it. Bioware was and still is totally unprepared, or just plain oblivious to the fact that end game is so lacking that it alone is whats causing the entire game to fail in the manner we are seeing.
Once you get to 50...other than grinding for gear...and then the next tier of gear...and the next...theres nothing meaningfull to do. What are you going to do when you have all the rakata/blackhole gear? Nothing...thats it..your done. PVP is more or less a total joke as well..this is STAR WARS..except...wheres the War?
We have this fishbowl combat of small teams where its a battle is only going to last what maybe 20 mins? Its a small...timed...meaningless objectives and for what? Oh more gear...that once you get all have no more reason to do it. Biowares answer...reroll...ok they have to be completely out of touch to think that was an acceptable answer.
They needed to be prepared for end game. more warzones that we have all already seen a million times and another OP or two (which we will have already seen a million times before 2 weeks are out) simply is not going to cut it. Bioware isnt even putting a decent band aid on the wound much less adressing the cause.
Gear rewards for pvp was a short sighted and no vision method. What surprises me is here they are sister company to Mythic..DAoC and they didnt borrow one single thing from the most highly acclaimed mass pvp system ever done in an mmo. Baffles me.
I had high hopes, I though they would figure this out, reeallly look at the causes and make some very badly needed mega changes.
Meaningfull open world pvp...with a different reward system other than gear, with meaningfull objectives etc would have gone a looooong way with keeping level 50's active and busy. Like taking over planets and whoever has the most planets has a faction wide effect etc etc, the planets each having multiple bunkers with turrets bridges, cities etc etc etc. Somewthing people not what we have now.
The bottom line is the lack of real content (because warzones and an op or two dont cut it) at end game. Now with F2P I am feeling they have given up. We wont now ever see the changes that are needed to get back the almost 1 million PAYING subs or even grow beyond. To me this is like hearing the death knell of what I had hoped to be the greatest game of the decade and now less than 1 year out they throw in the towel and go into more or less mantenance mode. They are giving us another war zone and an op...more of what has shown isnt working.
And dont tell me they have been doing so well..every positive thing you can come up with all I have to do is point at almost 1 million lost paying subs inside the first year after hitting peak.
Bioware..your execs have no idea how to handle an mmo, its players, its community and its future. A lack of vision has been the single key element in taking you to where you presently are. Which last I looked was a huge loss in stock value over this decision in only 24 hours. That means no faith in the product.
end game, end game, end game. And rerolling is never an answer to give your player base.
We need real end game. You want those paying subs back? Then fix the reasons they left to begin with, sure the players might come back, but their money wont. Why would they? The best thing you have is the storyline and now the f2p players can have that and not give you one red cent. Stop with the warzones and ops..make real end game.
I am not hating on SWTOR. I want to see this game outshine all I dream of it. I wanted to be there when it did. Now...I just dont know.

Depressed Fan
I totally agree with you they are taking the easy way out.
Trying to squeeze all the money they can from the game....... i hope they are buying time to make the changes we demanded for months i like pvp and i like the game but the truth is that it could be a lot better with some effort, i hope the best for the game

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08.01.2012 , 02:51 PM | #593
Quote: Originally Posted by Obsydius View Post
If you do Operations (most serious players do), it's probably not going to kill your gaming experience... unless everyone sits on the Fleet all day crying about it, instead of running Ops.

Can paying subscribers PLEASE get more character slots per server?
When you only have a couple of ops, and you have done over and over and over you get want something different, but unfortunately its all there is. BOREDOMW (sp?) is what kills the gaming experience.
Frued I think it was defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over and over and expecting different results.
Offering us another warzone and another op to me sort of falls along those lines. We need more.

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08.01.2012 , 02:57 PM | #594
Quote: Originally Posted by testszag View Post
not sure how many games you have played that have made the switch, but i have played four of them. each time people would say the same things. "It just means more people and more revenue" and all that jazz. it has yet to work out that way. they become pay to win games. even with a sub, you wind up needing to pay for upgrades to stay comepetitive in any way.
Fair enough. This is my 2nd MMO, the other being STO which also went F2P. However I still think it is a good idea to not jump to any conclusions, which I think most people are doing right now, until we know all of the specifics.

I think we both agree that it all comes down to how they handle this Cartel Market.

Quote: Originally Posted by testszag View Post
the only people that do benefit from this are the true casuals.
I don't entirely agree with this statement, but I probably fall into this demographic.

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08.01.2012 , 02:57 PM | #595
I understand many of the fears of the players. Yet I fully support this move. I fully support Bioware. Yes, I do have a few issues. Yet I will still be playing this game, because Star Wars means something. It was part of my childhood growing up. The few fond memories I have of my childhood was when my father and I would sit down and watch the movies.
I refuse to give up on this game. Why, you ask. My answer is as simple as this Bioware doesn't disappoint and neither does Star Wars.

Many other games have succeeded while being F2P. Look at City of Heroes, Or any of the multiple others that you can search that you can download. People are just scared that their personal experience will change, because of the people who don't take the game seriously. You can ignore said people.
Pain is life, and life is pain. May the true Sith prevail.

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08.01.2012 , 02:59 PM | #596
I hate to say these things, but they need be said.
This is doom.
It all starts innocently enough, free to play, yay, we'll get a broader fan base. not typically .. you'll get some, and you'll get a lot of people coming back to check it out, but nothing substantial, and all very transient. So the model of, let's sell "fluff" cash flow will start to trickle, the money derived from them will become less and less as the players who are typically staying around will either begin to already have them or the new players who are just checking out the game see no point in buying them, yes you will have a few that just fall in love with the game and go whole hog and buy that $25 game card for some online merch. So Bioware looks at this stream and eventually will decide as all F2P MMOs do, that they can increase the income from their F2P sales by introducing new things, not just fluff now. It will be small at first, a special blaster, a brand new model for a chest piece. And the income will come in again.. for a while .. Eventually, it becomes game breaking, a definitive glass ceiling will appear between those that buy from the shop and those that grind the game. The same gear may still be available to those that put in the time and grind through the grueling hoops to obtain that absolute current rank of gear, but that too will soon be unavailable, as a new set of uber gear will become available for purchase via real world cash. You know it will happen, you have seen it happen.
And there's a driving force behind it that makes it work. Gamer ego, we don't like to admit it, but we all have it, that urge to be the biggest ****** in the room, the one that can go Fist of the North Star in PvP, or face roll the last raid in the game. And we will pay, because you may be willing to grind out 4,500 warzones for a full set of Conqueror PvP armor, but by the time you do, you will be so sick of getting killed by "Player X" with bought item "Y" that you will convince yourself that if you also had "Y" you could wipe the floor with that upstart "X" .. the punk. So it feeds the system, and Free to Play becomes, Pay to Win.

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08.01.2012 , 03:04 PM | #597
Given how quickly this thread has grown I think we can be sure of at least one thing: Friday's Community Q&A will be very interesting.

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08.01.2012 , 03:09 PM | #598
I challenge the devs to step up and talk about this without all the double talk. Show us you read these posts and actually care.. ignore this tread and you absolutely prove what so many others have written... you don't care what the community thinks!!!
May the 4th be with you!!!!!

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08.01.2012 , 03:09 PM | #599
Well done, BW!

I am unsubbing!
Please, Bioware, can you create a free PvP and PvE space battle please! Swoop racing is also welcome!

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08.01.2012 , 03:10 PM | #600
i am so over gaming companies especially EA, i am done with Bioware, they hype this all up for failure, Bioware screwe up by selling out to EA, i don't care what the reason was, in my mind its all politics and we got screwed, i am fed up,EA is the worse gaming company as far as how they treat the community, so long EA and Bioware, i even refuse to buy mass effect 3 just because of how they ignored SWTOR and sold us out, all that money foor nothing all this updating my comp was for nothing, i am going to swgemu and will stay there.
if there ain't none, then there won't be none