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Announcing a Free-to-Play Option

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Announcing a Free-to-Play Option
First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

RiverRaid's Avatar

08.01.2012 , 09:20 AM | #511
Quote: Originally Posted by Felmyst View Post
...Simply give F2P there own servers....
OK, imagine BW will do what you suggested. An when your own server became depopulated and you will have no guildies or PUGs for ops, endless waiting queues for wz, what would you do then?

joinme's Avatar

08.01.2012 , 09:21 AM | #512
1,5 years ago BioWare was my favorite developers.
Dragon Age 2...
Mass Effect 3...
now this...
Damn you, guys.
Damn you.

mousey_kins's Avatar

08.01.2012 , 09:25 AM | #513
My first thought - I'm glad that they're taking some pages from DDO's freemium model (Or they just copied the entire manual....). That game has done very well since its swap to freemium. The population went from sparse to very healthy, so I hope it'll have the same results for SWTOR.

HalJordan's Avatar

08.01.2012 , 09:28 AM | #514
I just want to add my voice in support of this change. I will continue to subscribe, quite happily. If you look at the cost comparably as far as entertainment per hour, $15 a month is laughably cheap and for a game this fun, I'm happy to spend the money just as a way to show my continued support for Bioware. While this company has, in the last few years, delivered more disappointment than I am used to from their products I feel that when they hit it right, they hit it the farthest. The ME series is probably my all time favorite gaming experience, and SWTOR has proven to be a great experience as well. The recent layoffs and such worry me, as I hope that the team continues in its effort to provide new and updated content at the same rate, but they have done enough to earn my trust and support. Thanks for 8 months of continued entertainment, I am looking forward to many more!

TheIronMonkey's Avatar

08.01.2012 , 09:34 AM | #515
I, on the other hand, find these news disturbing and sad.

Why pay $180 a year for a bit of additional content if you can get the story lines (1 - 50) for free?? I fear all they have done is make a bunch of the few subscribers left question : why pay? I mostly PvE so warzomes and PvP mean nothing to me. Now I understand this stuff is important to others, and gladly support it, but what do I get for my sub?

Another nail on the coffin. And just as GW2 is ready to come out... oh well.
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Jovann's Avatar

08.01.2012 , 09:36 AM | #516
translation, "We've seen SWTOR has steadily been declining in population and popularity. And with the release of Guild Wars 2 coming up, we found that the only way we're going to stay anywhere in the red is by offering up some really crappy F2P option."

Sorry, but this is just bad. Your fail attempt to bring us new content by making next to impossible Flashpoints and Operations, Denova and Lost Island, is just bad.

Denova is no fun when you wipe after wipe after wipe due to getting flung from the tank in the wrong direction or because Kephass is just a mother to kill... yea... guys, i know this is your first MMO.. but FFS... get out while you can and let SWTOR die with respect!!

Valkirus's Avatar

08.01.2012 , 09:39 AM | #517
I think they need to do what LOTRO did for former subbers. They got to keep most of thier ( up to 7 ) char slots....access to all content they had did before the conversion and even the extra gold above 4 gold cap for new FTP players. Could not gain any more above 4g but you atleast got to use what you had over it. And they were given a lot of the Turbine coins to use. Making it too restrictive for the former subbers is just a slap in thier faces.
Trust is something which is earned.

Jovann's Avatar

08.01.2012 , 09:43 AM | #518
Quote: Originally Posted by Jonoku View Post
You can get sued you know? lucas arts wants people to play swtor
You can't get sued for playing the SWGEmu. Their server code is created from scratch and has nothing to do with Sony Online or Luca Arts. You are required to own a copy of the original game to play. Since those who will play have legally purchased a copy of the game, no one can be sued!! It's been tried already and it failed.

VanguardT's Avatar

08.01.2012 , 09:43 AM | #519
In my opinion the game is going to have to offer a lot more than just end game content for those of us who will stay paying, or setup free to play servers.

PlayLoud's Avatar

08.01.2012 , 09:47 AM | #520
Quote: Originally Posted by TheIronMonkey View Post
Why pay $180 a year for a bit of additional content if you can get the story lines (1 - 50) for free?? I fear all they have done is make a bunch of the few subscribers left question : why pay?
If you are a subscriber now, you probably won't want to unsub. There are likely going to be other restrictions placed on free accounts that haven't been made "official" yet, though BioWare has hinted at it. These restrictions include a credit cap, inventory cap, bank slot cap, etc. If you like PvP, you can only do Warzones so many times per week without a subscription. Also, anybody playing endgame will need to sub, as Operations will not be available to free players.

Granted, if somebody just wanted to get through the class story (play KOTOR 3-10), it would only cost them $15 to buy the game (if they hadn't already), and they could play for free for the entirety of that. And I am sure that some players will do that. However, I feel a lot of people will not want the restrictions placed on the free players.
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