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Scapper DPS

jedibarney's Avatar

07.29.2012 , 06:17 PM | #1
I just want to see how I'm fairing DPS wise. From my Parser I'm doing 1150 to 1250 DPS in HM ops fights. My gear is all augmented and running Blackhole Rakata Gear.

Please let me know what you guys are averaging and if higher any suggestions on builds and rotations.

Thanks Dengaar.
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LagunaD's Avatar

07.31.2012 , 04:05 PM | #2
I just tested today. The group finder sometimes puts my healing Scoundrel into the wrong role as DPS. I have field-respec and put together a partial set of DPS gear (to get the DPS 2-piece bonus and lose some Alacrity) so I can switch to Scrapper and be somewhat useful when this happens.

I was parsing a pretty steady 1300 today on the training dummy in my "Group Finder screwed-up" build, with no stim, no Accuracy Rating, and healing implants/scattergun with Alacrity. Also, since I switched to healing a couple months ago, I am not exactly an expert at the Scrapper rotation anymore.

I have 2095 Cunning unbuffed, 577 Power, 192 Critical Rating and 375 Surge with this set-up. My DPS isn't going to break any records, but I think it would be perfectly respectable for EV/KP hard-mode, and maybe adequate for Denova story mode. I had to do Lost Island HM as DPS with it yesterday, and managed fine.

If your numbers are from actual boss fights rather than the training dummy, they sound reasonable, but not great, considering your gear is probably somewhat more DPS-appropriate than mine, but there are a lot of mechanics that reduce your time on target compared to the ideal situation on the training dummy.
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