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Tank %'s

Phear's Avatar

07.28.2012 , 09:23 PM | #1
Hey there everyone its time to answer questions that have been posted here a million times and cant seem to come to a agreement ! <3

My jugg is currently full blackhole and Frankenstein'ed mods quite a bit. ended up looking something like this.

22356: hp
7933: armor
Damage Reduction: 48.35
Defense Chance: 26.62 (out of combat)
Shield Chance 49.93
Shield Absorption 50.17

Is my Def to high? I personally like having 30% def full time in combat with retaliation up and 29K hp during Endure Pain. However if I can kick my hp up to 24K ish unbuffed and one more % of shield chance somehow it would be great. Toss me some ideas if you have any or let me know if I should hold on to what I've got.