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New Class Idea (Benefactor)

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New Class Idea (Benefactor)

FlexibleGamer's Avatar

07.28.2012 , 06:03 AM | #1
Hey guys I had an idea for a class for swtor and thought i would post it here
to see what you all thought.

Class Name: Benefactor
Starting Planet: dunno lol
Advanced Classes: Sapper(melee dps), Enrager(tank)
Resource: Sapped Engery
Resource Mechanic: Basically the Benefactor's main attack (sap) steals power/energy/etc.
giving a damage/healing debuff(depending if enemy is healer/damage) to the enemy and building
Sapped Energy on your bar (similar to a knight/warrior)

Class Description: So the main purpose of this class is to debuff the enemy and buff your allies
with a lot of cc and tricks. So this isn't a "max dps" class as much of a support class.

Spell Ideas: Siphon - uses some of your Sapped Energy to place a short damage/healing buff
to all allies within a few yards
Toxic Goo - You thow your handy dandy canister of toxic goo at a target location slowing
and damaging enemies on the goo
Flip - You flip over the target, if it is an enemy, saps some energy.
Enrage - You go on a rampage, inspiring all nearby allies with a buff(aura buff around the caster)

Not very much detail but its all I could think of for now. What do you guys think? I just believe we need more classes ... You have any ideas?

Sinsavz's Avatar

07.28.2012 , 06:26 AM | #2
You're forgetting one thing though, how in the name of god is that anything to do with star wars?

Tenacity's Avatar

07.28.2012 , 08:46 AM | #3
Because ninja flipping energy vampires were key to the star wars films.
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