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new MMO player seeks class help Repiblic side

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new MMO player seeks class help Repiblic side

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07.27.2012 , 02:30 AM | #1
I know a lot of people have been borrowing this account lately and I'm sure you've seen this name switch personalities, but I promise this is the last one (unless my wife decides to play)

So, noting the amount of time my son and my nephew have spent on this game, I thought I might give it a whirl seeing as I can play up to 15 before anything has to happen. I cant however, post on the forums. I understand why this is done, but on a side note, Bioware, can we please have a free-trial forum section? Please?

The game itself looks awesome. I've been watching gameplay on and off for a little while and I really approve of the amount of polish the game has is regards to questing a story. This is mainly what drew me, as up until now the only other MMO I've played is City of Heroes. The games I'm most familiar with are Diablo II and recently Torchlight.

I just don't really know where to begin. The game is much bigger than I'm used to and I saw the sheer amount of buttons on one character and cringed. The hardest thing I've ever played like this was an Broadsword/Willpower Scrapper from CoH. Willpower was all toggles, and then I just punched stuff and made it dead. In games like Dablo II pretty much spammed one skill. Torchlight is the closest thing I've seen to this. But that's still only one action bar, plus tab if you want to count that.

I don't suppose there are difficulty ratings for classes anywhere? At first I thought it was simple. 4 classes that a mirrored n each side. Fair enough, Diablo had what? Seven? Then I saw that they split, and that's where you lost me. That makes 16 and as far as I know I'm locked once I pick one. I had a similar problem in CoH, and they pretty much recommended a Scrapper on the forums, I ran with it and loved it, so I hoped the community could help me out again.

Right now it looks like my party will consist of a Smuggler and a Trooper, but that's up in the air dependent on me. This being Star Wars I'm surprised neither of them wanted to try a Jedi. I know it looks fun to me. Me being the nerdy 50 year old I am can remember seeing these movies in theaters and can't imagine why anyone would play anything different then a Jedi. It's Iconic Star Wars.

I was kind of hoping to maybe get a character similar to my old one that I'm used to while I get accustomed to the extra buttons I'm going to have to push and a Jedi seemed like a nice parallel, I could be wrong and that's why I can here. Given current melee class, what out there is recommended to new players? Especially those new to MMOs. I don't suppose I can just make someone who bashes things in with a lightsaber and get away with it?

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07.27.2012 , 05:08 AM | #2
Isn't account sharing against the ToS?
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07.27.2012 , 05:13 AM | #3
Anyways for a new player I'd recommend Commando/Mercenary (easy to play, rotation consists of 3-4 skills, very useful in PvE) or Sage/Sorcerer (not as easy to play but not as complicated as Knight or Smuggler)
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07.27.2012 , 12:25 PM | #4
I actually found the jedi knight pretty straightforward and this is the first mmo i've played. You start with only a handful of powers - basic attacks and an ability that stacks armor debuffs on your opponent while also giving you focus (the energy used by knights). First character I made was a bounty hunter and I feel like focus is more forgiving than the heat resources bh use. From there, it introduces more and more abilities and powers but I never felt overwhelmed with it. Plus, in PVP I felt like a ****** with my knight. Getting all the abilities from the movies (force push, force leap, lightsaber throw, etc.) is great and force pushing players on the other team into the firepits in huttball or off the bridges on voidstar is hilarious.

Knight is the basic warrior class of the republic, and it breaks down into sentinel (dps) and gaurdian (tank/dps). I went gaurdian because my bh was a tank and I had a lot of fun as a tank with that character. Up to you which suits your playstyle more, dealing out damage with two lightsabers or wearing heavier armor and being less squishy but not dealing out as much damage. You can do dps as a gaurdian by specing for that in the skill tree but from what i've heard it doesnt end well - could be wrong. Speccing for DPS with a bounty hunter tank class (powertech) works well, though. Went into the skill tree with my bh and swapped everything from the defense/tank tree into pyrotech and it's a lot of fun in pvp.

Now im working on a healer which is a lot of fun as well. Whatever you pick you'll have fun with man.