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The problem with endgame PvE after columi

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07.23.2012 , 04:44 AM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by ChickenWangs View Post
This thread is a joke, 0/10, right? I mean no one would actually complain about typing information into a website so they can get into a guild, right? No one would actually complain about a third party site which is very useful for setting up consistent raid groups and times right? No one would actually have a major problem with typing LFG HM EV/KP/EC, right?

Forums you give me hours of entertainment.
This. Either the OP is a Troll, or good riddance. Best post imho was "Guilds are not working in the way they should in this game". That's selfishness and ego-centrism at its best: I cannot fit into a group of people, THEY are the ones doing it wrong.

I say again, good riddance.

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07.23.2012 , 04:57 AM | #32
Quote: Originally Posted by FlyinSpaghetti View Post
In the first post I explained why I don't want to do PuG HM ops. Put it this way, all I've had from PuG'd HM ops in the past two weeks is a rakata offhand, do you understand the frustration of putting all that effort in for hardly **** all?

Unfortunately guilds in this game don't work the way they should so that's not the answer to that either, I'd just be wasting my time and money continuing to play this game now whether I'd tried to pug it or guild it.
OMG where to start .....I like how, with a wave of your arm, 'guilds don't work the way they should.......'

You're unsubbing because a raid guild wants a website presence from you? For Raid sign ups? Presently, there is NOT one in game, so, what else is there? You really expect BW to toss one in just for you with tomorrow's maintenance?

YOU are the kind of person most guilds DON'T want anyways.

Forget that the guild website also has forums, for discussing, I dunno, BOSS Strats maybe? Links to strat videos?
Links, yes, links to utility sites like Datacron guides, etc......Links to loot lists, as in What Drops Where' .....

Forget the screenshots of a new boss down, and spots to comment on it, from your fellow guildies. Forget the condensed list of Crafters, as in WHO can make WHAT .....

Are you for REAL? Security risk? Like a guild website should have only your most private passwords, rather than your dog's name?

This is a meme post from a loner.........with a personality disorder ...

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07.23.2012 , 06:15 AM | #33
Quote: Originally Posted by FlyinSpaghetti View Post
1/ Since when has signing up on a dodgy looking third party website been a requirement for following instructions?

2/ That's if the guild leader actually checks the guild apps on the site often after inviting a handful of people.. In the mean time you can't go raiding with the guild you just joined even on the pretence of joining it for HM ops as well as the fact if you decide to go and pug it the guild leader moans about it, despite not letting you raid with the guild in the first place. Having all the guild stuff in-game would let you know if you are wasting your time with that guild or not. So far every guild I've joined has been a waste of time.
Okay first off letting people know some things about you isn't all about following instructions. Also Enjin and the other sites I've used in the past, haven't been a problem at all and had good reputations. From what i was able to find anyway.

All right I will grant you its hard for some guilds to find time to check apps. However some like mine have one officer dedicated to doing that and recruiting, besides raiding anyway. Also while were considering their application, we usually take the time to bring them in on raids to see where they need work or who they might work best with. Being one of the officers in my guild we are fairly lenient about letting people pug. Since we are pretty much done with current content. Even when new content comes out most of the officers and others in the guild have alts to replace what we need, or we simply ask in chat, etc. Myself personally I avoid pugging since like the movie quote "Life is like a box of chocolates and you never know what your going to get" sums it up fairly well.