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Han Solo as a jedi....

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07.22.2012 , 01:18 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by grandmthethird View Post
i don't mean to derail the thread, but i have always been alittle confused to why anakin was called anakin, its hardly like leia and vader had a soild daddy, daughter relationship, as far as i recall, she met the guy twice and both times didn't go to well, and she wasn't there for his redemption, she only has a second hand account of what happened. luke might of forgave his father, but i find it hard to believe leia would forgive and forget so easy, i mean come on alderaan,

just a thought, sorry off topic

She named her son after the Jedi Knight and Hero Anakin Skywalker she considered Anakin and Vader to be two different people, basically once Anakin became Vader Anakin died and Vader was born? Confusing I know but there it is.