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Clone Wars and CIS army

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07.20.2012 , 03:30 PM | #1
I was thinking was dooku and the rest of CIS blind or just forgot about it because they use some of the worst droids in thw whole galaxy while the could have used one of th HK even if it would be HK 1 it would still be better than battledroids B1 and B2
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07.20.2012 , 08:02 PM | #2
Compared to what they had, the CIS was far more advanced then HK droids. The CIS didn't have bad droids(save for B1) the B2 super battle droid was deadly, the B3's were even deadlier, droidekas were even feared by jedi, magnaguards could fight jedi masters etc etc insert lots of other droids and vehicles. So...the CIS had a good army, if they didn't have a good army the war wouldn't have gone on as long as it did even if it was a hoax if all the droids were poorly made the Republic would have won every engagement and just steamrolled through everything that the droids sent.
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07.20.2012 , 09:06 PM | #3
I don't remember if it has been stated or not so I will mark this as something that I believe: I believe Darth Sidious used the very best technology available and had the clones made the best as possible because he wanted the most effecient army possible for his Empire. Which ever side emerged victorious would be his army and he was in the position to win either way.
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07.22.2012 , 01:09 AM | #4
The Clone's have been shown in the movies and books as the most dominant army IMHO.

I mean, they managed to pretty much wipe-out every Jedi during the Prequel Era. And the Prequel Jedi Order is the strongest yet. And they pretty much had galactic dominance under the Emperor for like 20 years which has never been really done before since the Rakatan's(I think)....

The Droid Army lasted as long as it did because of its huge amount of numbers.... but the Clones were way more advanced than anything they were even prepared for...

And if they are under some of the best strategist ever(Thrawn, Vader), they are pretty much unstoppable.

Like Ackbar said in a book that name escapes me, something like if Vader was commanding the fleet during the attack on the Second Death Star, the rebels wouldn't have stood a chance.
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