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The Dark Side is taking over SWTOR!!

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The Dark Side is taking over SWTOR!!

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07.17.2012 , 12:58 AM | #61
Notice that the marketing for pubs was weak and that lots of gameplay skills and bugs are/were imp favored. Meanwhile, pub favored bugs get emergency hot fixes. This was avoidable.
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After our Shenanigans radar sounded off, we quickly hurried to this thread to see what was going on. Upon inspection of the reported Shenanigans, we have removed a few posts to prevent further Shenanigans from taking place.

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07.17.2012 , 05:05 AM | #62
I chose Imp since day one. Why? I'm a darkside fanatic (and I mean that in every aspect, I have a knack for everything occult, in most fictions I come across.)

Now, that's just me. When it comes to general populace, I can easily understand why the Empire would attract more players. Considering the get-up of the entire game, the story and what not, starting of on the Jedi side may feel like 'Great, i'm starting on the losing team, the guys that got their asses kicked majorly in the story.) Whereas starting on the Imp side gives you a direct notion of superiority, because, well, we sacked coruscant right?

Other then that, I have game specific issues with Pubs (mainly because i play Forcers). There's an overall bad way in which force users where pictured in this game, and sorry, but a Jedi throwing rocks at people 'isn't' exactly the right picturing of a jedi class, no matter if the devs had to come up with a random equivalent for force lightning. Infact the entire Pub Sorcerer counterpart just seems like a lazy lightside rendition of lightning. they could've come up with more feasible alternatives. Then again they could've been a bit more original on the sorc side too, five different forms of lightning is kinda redundant and Star wars provides a plethora of force abilities, specially in the dark ranges. They could've easily added stuff like dark sight making it work like force scream or things like spear of midnight black, torture by chagrin, force combustion, etc etc. Including the most iconic abilities would've sufficed, but this over-abundant focus on them is kind of catering too much to the bland surface of SW, and not it's rich lore.

Long story short, the groups ended up (in my opinion) being too much about style, too little about substance in Lore specifics, and when it comes to style, you got to hand it to the Imps, feels just better to run on Imp side.

And as last point for Imp side and against Pubs,(like others mentioned). Starting on Tython is, thanks to the shoddy traveling layout so redundant that it really does take several hours, while Korriban really can be aced in like 2 hours, 3 if you're really thorough on all the quests, pick-ups and what not. It doesn't stop there either, it seems like an overall trend for the Imp side that it's laid out better in leveing purpose.

In the end all these points aren't as magnificient as that they might ruin the game, because in the end I still enjoy both sides, but I do play Imps mostly, simply because it seems to be crafted in a more condensed and logistical fashion.

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07.17.2012 , 08:02 AM | #63
I started as Republic. I actually like the good guys in Star Wars. I like my evil to have meaning, purpose, and that can't only be "we will rule the galaxy" like the Empire is. I was happy with my Trooper. He was heroic. He was courageous, he was loyal and he would stand against the armies of the evil Empire until we were victorious or he draws his last breath. He was aware that the Republic is not free from corruption or evil doers, but that was a way tamer fate than letting the galaxy be controlled by the Sith.

Everything changed when his world (server) started growing empty by the day. The poor commander didn't have an army of brothers anymore. Didn't have people to stand with against the Empire, who also seemed like they were strugling with the same problem. Maybe the war was coming to and end? The commander became depressed and just stopped showing up for work.

But new life came to be on another world ruled by one known as The Fatman. A world filled with people and possibilities where a young Bounty Hunter found her purpose in the world. She works within the Empire, doing their deeds to gain trust, but secretively frustrating some of their plans and feeding information to the veteran Commander, so that one day they may deal the decisive blow to the Sith. She's an Imperial at sight, but a Republic ally at heart.

TL'DR: I love Republic, don't like Empire. But when my server became empty I was forced to switch, so I decided to play the other class I wanted to the most: Bounty Hunter, even though I had to be Imp to play as one. But I kinda imagine her as a spy or something like that. I work for the Empire, but I'm not one, and I made her an ally to my Trooper through Legacy.