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Community patience for new players

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Community patience for new players

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07.15.2012 , 11:33 AM | #1
Hi guys.

Topic title isn't exactly what it meant to be, but I didn't know how to name it

So... I'm an altoholic and I don't have lvl 50 yet. My vangurad is getting close to max lvl and I like tanking on him, but I'm scared of HMs, OPs and all group activites on max lvl. I have a kind of trauma after playing tank in WoW, where ppl expected you to be raid geared and to know all tactics and tricks when you entered your first HC
How does it look here? Is it possieble to learn all and gather gear without going as DPS first? How do ppl treat new ones?
I'm aware of fact I'm in internet and no matter how much I try I'll meet someone who wants to enlarge his e-*****. I'm asking in general

Ofc I know I could do it all easy way by finding guild, but I want worst case scenario: no guild, no firends, just pugs.

I'm playing on ToFN, but i think it should be same on all servers.