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07.13.2012 , 11:00 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by jadjay View Post
As a tank, I have seen many things in FP's since the group finder launched. I don't think tanking is the only roll being played poorly, I've seen really amazing healers but for every good healer there are half a dozen bad ones, my favorite was one guy who proclaimed he was DRUN***K! after we wiped for the third time. Also I've had to pick up the role of dps as well since I constantly see dps hammering away on an elite mob that was initially cc'd while I'm stuck finishing off those 3 normal mobs that are off to the side and have been completly ignored.
lol know what? This is a very popular excuse. Is this actually what people are resorting to? Why can a player not just say "I am sorry I am newer to the class / I am sorry I only play casually / I am sorry I do not know this instance very well" instead of just saying that they are drunk. This is no word of a lie what I am about to say. Last weekend I queued up and played about four flashpoint on my (then) level 43 Powertech. Out of those four flashpoints I think three of them someone in the group kept saying sorry because they were "drunk" or "wasted". Ha ha. It really is quite humerous that this is the best excuse people can come up with now. I just come out and honestly say to people "Hey just so you know I've never done this fight before and I only play some times on weekends so I'm not all that good." If they don't like it, tough... kick me from the group or give me a chance.
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