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Have I missed out on content?

mabolus's Avatar

12.19.2011 , 05:12 AM | #1
I have been playing a smuggler and when I hit level 10ish and left Ord Mantell I couldn't find a group to do the Esselles so I carried on to Coruscant.
I got a bit stuck into things (obsessed with getting my ship to be honest) and now I'm level 19 on Taris.
Because my level is way above the level for the Esselles Flashpoint does that mean I've missed out on a chunk of content?

Galteos's Avatar

12.19.2011 , 05:13 AM | #2
You can always just go solo Esseles since you're so far ahead of it, frankly it's difficulty is a joke and it's a breeze with 2 people of any class at level 10. that way you don't miss out on the story segment of it.

aka_matrix_pwner's Avatar

12.19.2011 , 05:15 AM | #3
The esseles has a cool little story. personally i helped a friend through it when i was level 26. It was hilarious and easy :P

mabolus's Avatar

12.19.2011 , 05:20 AM | #4
OK cool I'll have a go then. I just like to see as much as possible. Besides blowing up mobs with grenades that are miles below you is fun