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SWTOR on MacBook Air 2012

Sekish's Avatar

07.12.2012 , 03:46 AM | #1
So I grew tired of the poor game engine performance and gave up 2 weeks ago, but got a new MacBook Air, decided to test the game on it, and here's a short feedback for those interested...

It runs quite well.
Absolutely playable and enjoyable in single player (medium settings with turned off bloom).
Somewhat playable in warzones. I only tried HutBall and Alderaan, and it ran 25-40 fps on average most of the time. Unstable and inconsistent performance, but due to the fact it rarely dropped below 20 fps, it wasn't that bad.

Technical details:
  • MacBook Air 13'' (the base model with i5 1.8 IvyBridge, 4GB RAM, Intel HD 4000).
  • Windows 7 64bit Home Premium (via BootCamp) with Service Pack 1 (but without the updates from the last year - I was in a hurry to test...).
  • Native 1440x900 resolution, low-medium graphic settings.
  • Drivers - those provided by Apple BootCamp. Haven't updated anything on my own.

The Intel HD 4000 seems to be surprisingly capable - the ingame fps meter was green most of the time (meaning the game was CPU bound on the Air). You can play the singleplayer part of the game on Medium without much slowdowns. No graphic glitches or bugs.

I also cleaned up Windows from unnecessary processes, Aero effects and everything else as outlined in one of the threads around.

Hope this would help some more of you guys enjoy the game till BioWare decide to improve the engine.

Benjiole's Avatar

07.12.2012 , 09:31 AM | #2
An intel HD 4000 is NOT meant for gaming at all. It is meant for basic desktop applications only.

Saying that the engine is bad because the game wont run well on a GPU that was never meant to play a game isnt the best thing to do.

Sekish's Avatar

07.12.2012 , 04:45 PM | #3
Read carefully. I said the opposite.

A tiny ultra-portable laptop ran the game better than machines with videocards that were "meant for gaming".
But that's another story - I'm just mentioning my past frustrations and I know many people are experiencing similar difficulties.

And this is not an advise "Go and buy an Air cause it can run SWTOR!".
It's just a reference for those who are wondering if that model can run the game.

Those who plan to build a new machine for playing SWTOR might decide to try (at least initially) skipping the purchase of an expensive videocard. Getting an IvyBridge CPU for desktops could prove to be enough for players who don't want to spend much. The HD 4000 is built into the CPU.